Last Day for TCDD Worker Procurement Application! What are the Terms?

What are the last gun conditions for applying tcdd workers?
What are the last gun conditions for applying tcdd workers?

The applications to be made to İŞKUR in the process of recruiting 356 personnel to be employed within the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) are ending today. How to apply for İŞKUR TCDD personnel recruitment? İŞKUR TCDD personnel recruitment application conditions, such as what are the requirements of citizens who want to apply to TCDD as a worker, we present you in our news details. TCDD purchases will be made indefinitely.

TCDD staff recruitment - State Railways has announced that it will employ 356 workers for various vacant positions. The general conditions for the recruitment of TCDD workers, whose details will be announced through İŞKUR between April 9-15, 2019, have been announced. Applications will be received through İŞKUR for employment, which will take place as 86 train workers, 42 railway road construction, maintenance, repair machine operators, 188 railway line maintenance repairers and 40 port crane operators.

Republic of Turkey State Railways Administration indefinite-term employment contract with 86 trains constitute worker, 42 railway road construction, maintenance, repair, machine operators, 188 rail line maintenance and repair service and 40 port crane operator (RTG CE SSG) to carry out the purchase total of 356 workers, including. Labor demands for TCDD recruitments to be made through İŞKUR will be published in İŞKUR between 09.04.2019 - 15.04.2019 and applications will be received from there.

The General Directorate of State Railways Management has an indefinite term employment contract for the workplaces; A total of 86 workers, including 42 train workers, 188 railway road construction, maintenance and repair machine operators, 40 railway line maintenance repairers, 356 port crane operators, will be recruited. Labor force demands were published in İŞKUR between 9-15 April.


Candidates will be able to apply to only one of the labor demands announced in ISKUR.

Candidates are required to be male.

As for the candidates, it is stipulated that the labor force demand announced at İŞKUR should not be accepted by 36 as of the deadline.

Candidates must have graduated from the study status and the department specified in the announcement as of the deadline.

The employment contracts of those who are determined to be pre-graduate or bachelor's degree as of the deadline for application of the work force declared at İŞKUR within the scope of the declared labor demand in the secondary education level and the work force demand announced at İŞKUR as of the application deadline, will be terminated. There is no KPSS requirement for labor force demand. (kamuajans)

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