The Sultans of the Railways Carry Samsun

sultans of the rails carry the samsunu
sultans of the rails carry the samsunu

Female mechanics working in the light rail system in Samsun, expressed their great happiness and pride in their work. In particular, the old women expressed great sympathy with them, the mechanics, sometimes they receive a nice compliment to them even women are sending kisses themselves. Gizem Bay and Gülnur Durtaş, one of those machinists, are asking their passengers to show a little more understanding.

10 2010 29 84 35 in October, the last time, the road route XNUMX kilometers to the light rail system, very soon on the campus of Ondokuz Mayis University will begin to serve. In the light rail system, which serves millions of people during this time, female mechanic continues to perform their duties successfully. Woman XNUMX XNUMX that Samsun light rail system from the engineer, takes pride in being a leader in Turkey with this feature. Gizem Bay and Gülnur Durtaş, one of the female machinists, answered many questions from the interesting events they experienced during the day to the ones they encountered in social life.

One of the 34 women machinist in Samsun, Gizem Bay sums up his profession by saying in The biggest dream Samsun. Mr. Bay has been working in the light rail system since 2012, and he emphasizes the pride he is about to do with his profession by being difficult. Especially older women have received great support from them indicating that Bay, sometimes at the end of the journey women are sending kisses expressed.

When I saw the mechanic women on the train, I envied. This is a rare case and Samsun in Turkey. Because it is often called the male profession. Women are doing this profession in the province of 12 but for Samsun this was a new situation and I really like the fact that women can do this job. So I was thinking too much 'I wish I could work too'. Later, I participated in SAMULAŞ's interviews through İŞKUR. I succeeded as a result of the interview and after training I have been working as a machine engineer since 2012.

Because I worked with the shift system, my profession did not affect my social life. Our day shift starts at 6.15 in the morning and ends at 2 at noon. Our evening shift starts at 2 at noon and ends at 12 at night. Since our working hours are systematically adjusted, we have enough time for our social activities. So I can say that my work has a positive impact on my life.

Do you trust many people every day? WERE YOU A MUST HAVE ANY?

People may be surprised to see that I'm a woman, but the biggest support is women. Especially the aunts who are older are kissing and compliments. The fact that the reactions are beautiful makes us incredibly happy. I've saved a lot of memories like this. Sometimes, in rainy weather, the train can slip, or we may have to brake suddenly when an object comes out. Our passengers can react because they can not see these situations.

We're always doing a job with people. We are experiencing difficulties. For example, baby carriages need to get through the middle door. But our passengers insist on getting the baby carriage through the front door. We also react with the announcement, 'Baby cars, please take the middle door,' he warned us when we warn. In such cases, we expect a little more understanding from our passengers. Apart from this, our disabled passengers are riding. We make eye contact immediately to make them feel safe and well. We help them to get off the cab to help. After that, our disabled citizens press the button inside the tram and talk to the mechanic. Once you tell it where you want to go in next separated from the cab to help our citizens with disabilities This application is only made in Samsun in Turkey.

The fact that our manager is a woman gives us a different confidence. Women, if he wants to achieve everything, we are an example of this fact. We are capable of being successful in many professions. That's why we need to trust and demand ourselves as well as men and women. There are not so many women mechanics in any province. The number of female mechanics in Samsun is very high compared to other provinces. Here the total 82 mechanic works in about 35 female mechanic. Homeland is a difficult but enjoyable profession.

Even if it is called the male profession, we do the first intervention of technical problems in the tram. For example, the door can break even when something is stuck. Since we have a very good 6 monthly training, we have the equipment to make the first intervention in case of any malfunction in the tram. Of course, in doing so, we transmit every development to the control center and we act in coordination with them.

Gülnur Durtaş, a female mechanic, is married and mother of 2 children. In addition to the successful graphic in his profession, he says that it is not difficult to spend time with his children and his wife. Or I am proud of my job,, he says.

Since our work system is shifted, I cannot say that I have much difficulty. Until the hour of my work, I will meet my family's financial or spiritual needs. I sometimes call myself split. Because my tempom never slows down. I'm running around in a general sense. But it still doesn't force me. Because I take the support of my family elders from all sides. Also the biggest support came from my wife. There should be no occupational separation. If the person is confident and thinks that he can be successful, support needs to be provided. In many issues where men are successful, why should we not succeed? I'm proud of my profession.

I wanted to be a mechanic. He had the idea, "Could be a woman mechanic." Because I've never seen anything like this before. I was really amazed and glad that a woman could drive the big train. Then I went into a research. Later, I did not know that there was an interview at SAMULAŞ when I was applying for another job. I'm so glad when you said the officer there. I immediately interviewed and became the turning point of my life. I got my first step in my profession as a result of 2016 monthly training and exam in 6 through ISKUR.

One day our female passenger 3 took the tram with her child. When she came to her home, she took away her young child and landed. In the meantime, the tram doors closed due to the time. Then the train moved and the woman's older child 2 was in the train. Then he tried to stop by hitting the windows of the train. At the next station, I handed the children over to our security officer and continued on our way. This kind of carelessness, we have a lot of thought. So I'm waiting for understanding and attention from our passengers. For example, in a night shift, a drunk passenger hit the cabin, said he wanted to stop the train and go to the sink, and he wanted me to wait for the 2 minute. We can have similar problems like this. I once stopped the tram as soon as the accident occurred due to a driver's fault. For such reflexes, an accident was prevented thanks to the trainings we received. Of course, the passengers were afraid because of the sudden braking. They don't know what's going on in the front because they're behind. For example, if I had sudden braking, many people would suffer. Because they didn't know that, we had angry passengers. As well as the situation of angry, understand and support the situation was halal. Besides, I cannot forget those beautiful moments that our passengers whose average age is slightly higher appreciate. I have countless memories of the good or bad I have accumulated in this profession and continue to accumulate.

What are the challenges that you experience in your profession?
Passengers sometimes forget that there is another train coming from the back or not. Our maximum number of 5 arrives every minute. But our passengers are running, the windows hit the doors, 'Open,' he shouts. Sometimes we have to make announcements for such situations and say '2 train will arrive in minutes'. Intensity is being bypassed but passengers do not understand this. That's why our top executives are complaining about complaints. We are struggling, but our managers are also struggling in this situation. Showing the necessary activities related to the complaint. The cameras are examined and finalized. After the waiting period of the mechanic, when the door button to press suddenly to decide whether to descend or to ride passengers who 'saw me but did not wait' can complain. We can experience such problems frequently. Therefore, our request to our people before they come to the station will be directed to the door. In this way, we will be able to solve the problems of landing and boarding. At the same time, 7 / 24 is managed and controlled by an open control center. Therefore, if there is a driver error, the event information form is taken. But in the 95 of the events that have happened so far, we saw that the machine was waiting for the door opening and closing time. Therefore, I can say that there are situations caused by passenger errors. Our doors are also sensitive to force. For example, a citizen sent a complaint e-mail, 'the mechanic closed the door immediately. My arm was stuck, drifted, rolled over. ' But technically, such situations are not possible. Because our trains never move without closing the doors. When it is extended when something like a hand or a bag is closed, it is systematically opened back. There's no way to hurt a little kid's arm. Complaints may occur because they thought the machinists did it, 'He did, but he didn't.'

Sometimes our passengers can pull the handle that should be used in case of emergency. After pulling this lever, we determine the screen in front of us and see which door is taken and we go to the person. We say he shouldn't be pulling that lever. Because we have to stop the train with a sudden braking. These issues are also legal procedures. So let's remind our people that we shouldn't pull that arm out of emergency. We can also advise people to be more careful, especially on pedestrian crossings. Because when you listen to music on your headphones, you can be furious. But our profession does not accept a second error. Even if I do an emergency brake, it can stop after a certain distance. We pay attention to such situations and think that pedestrians should be careful. (the Samasungazete)

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