Social Cooperatives Training and Publicity Train in Kayseri

social cooperatives education and training train kayseride
social cooperatives education and training train kayseride

In order to increase awareness of the social cooperative model, to support, develop and disseminate the social cooperatives, the Ministry of Trade Co-ordination of the General Directorate of Tradesmen, Craftsmen and Cooperatives.

Deputy Governor Ali Uslanmaz, Deputy Director General of Craftsmen and Co-operatives Ozgur Arzik and Kayseri ESKKK Chairman Mustafa Alan and the opening ceremony of the Kayseri railway station after the welcoming ceremony, kayseri cultural tourism was held in the hall of the provincial directorate of the information meeting continued.

In the afternoon of this afternoon, in the interview with Abdullah Gül University, the trade expert Gökçen Mert Korkmaz, Abdullah Gül University Youth Factory Coordinator Zeynep Tuğçe Çiftçibaşı and the partner of the Power and Needs Map Cooperative Mehmet Sarıca shared the experiences in the field of social cooperative with university students.



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