Social Cooperative Training and Publicity Train in Malatya

social cooperative education and training train
social cooperative education and training train

The Social Cooperative Education and Promotion Train, which set off from Istanbul Sirkeci Station on April 5, arrived at Malatya Station on April 14, in order to increase awareness of the social cooperative model and to support, develop and spread social cooperatives. After the welcoming ceremony at the station, which was held with the speeches of Malatya Deputy Governor Mustafa ŞAHİN, Deputy General Manager of Tradesmen, Craftsmen and Cooperatives Özgür Arzik and protocol speeches, the informative meeting started.

Within the scope of the Social Cooperative Training, Promotion, Implementation and Development Project, successful co-operative stories were shared at the meeting, which started with the presentation of the trade expert Gökçen Mert Korkmaz on the social cooperative with the relevant non-governmental organizations and cooperatives. Mehmet SARICA, who is one of the partners of need map, made valuable shares about social cooperatives.

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