Ethics Award to Sertrans Logistics

Sertrans Logisticse Ethics
Sertrans Logisticse Ethics

Sertans Logistics Ethics Center (EDM), organized by xnumx'nci of this year, "ETİKAN Ethics Awards of Turkey" was awarded the context. Erm As Sertrans, our most important asset in business life has been built on honesty and reliability. 7 considers us to be the ethical company of the year as a reflection of our sensitivity. X

one of the important companies in the logistics sector in Turkey, which has made its name in the national and international logistics Sertrans Logistics is the creation of ethical awareness in Turkey, was established to develop and disseminate Turkey Ethics Center (EDM) organized by the "ETİKAN Turkey's Ethics Awards" He was one of the ethical companies. Sertrans CEO Nilgün Keleş received the award on behalf of the company at the ceremony held on Thursday, April 18.

Sertrans Logistics CEO Nilgün Keleş said in his statement on the subject: um As a large and reputable company of the logistics sector, Sertrans has the values ​​we adopt since the day we were founded, our ethical codes and corporate culture that we see as a way of doing business. For the second time, I consider this award a reflection of the importance we attach to the ethical values ​​we see as the basis of our sustainable success. Our sensitivity on this subject, as well as our own principles, our suppliers, business partners, our clients are working in the ethical standards, we are meticulous and selective about this issue. As Sertrans, we will continue our way without compromising our ethical values ​​with the consciousness of our responsibility to our sector, our employees and the society after that. Ser

for a better Turkey in 2011, high ethical development of standards implementation and Ethics Center Association with the vision of the growth of young ethical leaders in every field (EDM), creation of ethical understanding and awareness, development and was established to contribute to young people to grow the emphasis on ethics profit He continues to work as an organization.



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