Asphalt Season Starts in Şanlıurfa

Asphalt Season Started in Sanliurfada
Asphalt Season Started in Sanliurfada

As a result of weather conditions, Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality started the asphalt season.

President Beyazgül, who supervised the work initiated in the Batıkent District of Karaköprü District, said: X As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have examined the first asphalt work of 2019 on the spot today and it would be good for our Şanlıurfa. Karak

With the understanding of road civilization, the Metropolitan Municipality initiated the new boulevards and road construction works every year and launched the first asphalt of the season on the Batıkent Mahallesi 4218 street. 25 President Beyazgül, who supervised the work started on the meter road, examined the quality of the road together with the technical committee.

Wishing success to the Metropolitan Municipality staff who continue their work, President Beyazgül wished that the asphalt season would be beneficial to Şanlıurfa.

Following the investigation, President Beyazgül said, Başkan We have started the asphalt season with the weather beautification. Today, we are paving our first asphalt and we have made investigations in the area. Together with our technical team, we re-examined the thickness and route of our asphalt. Good for our country, Mem he said.

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