Railways Combine Families

railways connect families
railways connect families

In the April issue of Raillife magazine, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun published İh Railways Combining Families der.


Railway is the most economical means of transportation.

Railway is comfort, trust.

Railroad is poetry, art, turkish, book.

In short, railway is civilization.

Mr. directives under the leadership of our President and our Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as in developed countries all over Turkey Goodnight our work on behalf of our services, we continue to bring modern railway day and night.

Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-Izmir between the High Speed ​​Rail, Bursa-Bilecik and electrically opened the Konya-Karaman line in the south of the corridor that continues to the south of the railroad continues until the construction of Mersin and Gaziantep.

I would like to congratulate my colleagues, who, like Ferhat in the toughest geography of Anatolia, have written a saga by piercing the mountains, knowing the sanctity of their duties and offering modern rail services to our people.

Rail transport is not only important for cities but also for urban transportation. Within the scope of these studies; Gebze in IstanbulHalkalı The construction of our suburban lines was completed and opened with the presence of Mr. President.

The travel time between the east and the west of our city has been significantly shortened with the introduction of the line which is complementary to the Marmaray Bosphorus Tube Pass, which is shown to be the engineering expert in the world.

Daily 1 million 700 thousand passengers will enter the service line, the vehicles will be withdrawn from urban traffic, carbon emissions and fuel costs, as well as a great time-saving will be provided.

Our suburban line which brings great relief in urban transportation by connecting to the metro and tram lines from the stations, will also combine the broken families who have to sit separately on the European and Asian sides due to the long travel period.

Passing our passengers to Marmaray Bosphorus Tube Pass HalkalıGebze- which allows you to travel with High Speed ​​Trains up toHalkalı I wish our suburban lines would be beneficial.

Have a nice trip İyi

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