İnci GS Yuasa Opens 3rd Factory in Manisa

japanese gs yuasadan manisaya million TL investment
japanese gs yuasadan manisaya million TL investment

established companies in the automotive supply industry in Turkey Inci Holding the world with giant Japanese GS Yuasa batteries GS Yuasa subsidiary of Pearl, in the fourth year of partnership with 120 million worth of investment picked up its third factory in Manisa. The company, which reached its 5 million TL investment target for the first 250 year in its fourth year, increased its production area to 47 thousand square meters and its automotive battery production capacity to 7 million units per year.

İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding and GS Yuasa, opened the new battery factory. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Manisa Governor Ahmet Deniz, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Turkey's Ambassador to Japan Akio Miyajima and the Istanbul Consul General of Japan at a ceremony Hisao Nishimaki also attended by Turkish and Japanese partners inaugurated the factory.

The giant factory, which was built in 2017 in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone and built on a total area of ​​18 thousand square meters with a closed area of ​​98 thousand square meters, was realized with an investment of 120 million TL. With this investment, the total closed production area increased by 63 with an increase of 47 thousand square meters, the Pearl GS Yuasa, 5 million, the annual automotive battery production capacity of the 7 million units. 34 years 50 millionth download of Pearl GS Yuasa battery from the band, are exported percent of the batteries produced in Turkey 60 6 80 country on the continent. In the new factory, new generation batteries are produced in the highest quality standards for high technology start / stop vehicle batteries and automotive main industry suppliers.

İnci GS Yuasa, which will increase its contribution to regional employment with the full capacity of the new factory, will reach its 25 million TL investment in the first year of 5.

Participating in the ceremony, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Pearl GS Yuasa third battery factory, is one of the remarkable examples of Turkish - Japanese cooperation, he said. Varank; A Our friendship with Japan dates back many years. We solidify this friendship with production, investment and trade. Bu Varank said, ana The importance of the new factory, which was established in the Turkish - Japanese partnership, was explained as follows: “New generation batteries of the highest quality will be produced for high technology vehicle batteries and automotive main industry suppliers. 60 of the production is planned to be exported abroad. We desire to increase this and similar investments both in terms of technology intensity in production and foreign trade volume. For this, we continue to actively support the investor and the manufacturer. İnci GS Yuasa is a company that benefits from these opportunities. This is the first R & D center of the battery industry for 10 years. Working in collaboration with universities and NGOs, it transforms innovative ideas into high value-added, competitive products. Our expectation from our industrialist friends is to evaluate our incentives in this way and focus on production and employment. Whoever makes production in our country is important to us, regardless of who is domestic or foreign, and will benefit from all opportunities equally. Because everyone is indigenous to our production in Turkey. Our direction as Turkey; value added production and qualified employment. We will continue to take steps towards this goal and produce policies. Bu

Neşe Gök: We are on the road to becoming a world brand

Factory Speaking at the opening Inci Holding Chairman Joy heavens, Turkey and Japan, recalling that the fourth year of two well-established companies of the partnership, "Roots of history, we are with branches of two large company representatives to the future. I believe that the most important thing that brings us together today, shoulder to shoulder, is our experiences and values. Bizi

Gök said that the factory, which was put into service, is the proof of sustainable cooperation between the two countries. Gök said, “We loved to produce, we knew the value of putting stone on stone in the Aegean and Turkey. from this land kazanWe took it as our duty to invest in these lands. Today, we are proud to export our batteries and wheels produced in Manisa to more than 6 countries in 100 continents.

Osamu Murao: We are at the service of the world

GS Yuasa President Osamu Murao a new investment in Turkey said they are proud to offer to the world market. Lar For four years, we have been working closely with our Turkish partner İnci Holding on a synergistic basis, ın said Murao.

Cihan Elbirlik: We determine the future of the energy storage sector

Turkish and Japanese guests entertained Pearl GS Yuasa executive director Cihan Elbirlik, "new investments in Turkey's well established institution with centuries-old experience of the Pearl Holding and Japanese giant battery GS Yuasa joint venture will mean a lot. Most importantly, we define the future of the energy storage sector with the most technological factory of our sector, which we have opened today. Our technology-leading company in the sector will follow the trends today as it was yesterday and will represent our country in the world league. Sektör

Elbirlik continued as follows:

. We are working hard to deserve the title of the world's energy expert, thanks to our partnership we develop our culture every day, learn new things, multiply our values ​​and grow together. Today, we export 60 of the batteries we produce as Pearl GS Yuasa to more than 80 countries of the world. 120 million TL investment in our new factory with the annual 5 million in our battery production capacity 7 million have increased. When our factory is fully commissioned, our contribution to regional employment will increase by 25. In our new factory, we will produce new generation batteries with high technology start / stop vehicle batteries and the highest quality standards for automotive main industry suppliers, and we will be the light of the future of the sector. Yeni

After the speeches, Minister Varank had a fruitful meeting with Turkish and Japanese partners. kazanShe cut the ribbon begging. Inci Holding Chairman of the Board Neşe Gök and GS Yuasa Chairman Osamu Murao planted olive trees and sakura in the garden of the factory to represent friendship and peace.

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