Visit to the President of the Autonomous Wagon Officials


Özbir Vagon A.Ş., operating in Arifiye. Zeki Çelebi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, paid a courtesy visit to Yunus Esen in his office at the office of President of Arifiye. Vice-President Adnan Ağırman was also present.

During a visit to a friendly atmosphere, Zeki Çelebi stated; Edik We would like to say goodbye to Mr. İsmail Karakullukçu for his election as the Mayor of 31 March Local Elections. With his humble personality and modest personality, he collaborated with all the institutions and organizations in Arifiye and performed very well during his tenure. Prior to the projects of the Mayors who served before him, Arifiye has implemented projects that are essential for. Arifiye'liler also came to him and the Mayor again. We have a very good relationship with the private sector, we always support business people in the municipality, as well as other institutions and organizations. In this respect, it is a very pleasing development for the cooperation, reconciliation and synergy between private and public institutions in Arifiye. Mr. President, we wish him success in the projects to be done in the new period, we want to realize that these projects are ready to make us want to know what we are willing to do. Im He said.

President İsmail Karakullukçu said in his statement: çu Özbir Vagon A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. I would like to thank Zeki Çelebi very much for their kind visit. Yes, as he says, the cooperation and harmony between the private sector and the state in Arifiye, 10 where we serve gave very good fruits throughout the year. Previously, 50 came to our district with many investments evaluated in the year. Our MPs and Metropolitan Mayor also have a big share in this. Today, Arifiye, our city is a shining star and rapidly growing and developing district. To ensure the implementation of the projects demanded by Arifiye people by acting as a bridge between our ministry and our businessmen, our ministries. In addition, we have continued to offer our budget opportunities to serve Arifiye. In addition to these works, our valuable businessmen do not break us and our employees give priority to Arifiye citizens. It makes a great contribution to economic and social development in our district. I hope this cooperation will continue in the new era. The winner will be Arifiye. I would like to thank Mr. Zeki Çelebi again for his kind visits and wish him success in his works. Ben



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