OSB ID Winning Kayapa Will Add More Value To Bursa

osb identity will add more value to the winning kayapa scholarship
osb identity will add more value to the winning kayapa scholarship

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, about 90 company in which employs 5 thousand people Kayapa Correctional OSB 'Organized Industrial Zone' status stating that add great strength to Bursa's target of winning, "Every OSB in Bursa, new successes in our Turkey will be one of the most important actors of their stories. Kayapa wishes that our industrial zone will be granted OSB status and we would like to congratulate our industrialists who gained a competitive advantage in line with our production and export targets. Kay

Turkey's vision of having set up the first industrial zone in Bursa, continues to strengthen its leading role in the new target countries OSB. BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, 2014 started the process of correction OSX industrial zone has begun Industrialization Industrial Zone (OIZ) said. President Burkay, regional industrialists with the advantages offered by OIZs has gained a more competitive structure against the global scale rivals, he noted.


Ibrahim Burkay stated that the Bursa economy had a stronger structure after the successful completion of the OIZ process of the Kayapa Reclamation OSB, in which the company operates close to 90, and said, süre As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have been in the region of our industrialists continuously. Kayapa region gained the identity of the OIZ with the contributions of the BTSO Board of Directors and our colleagues. I would like to thank to our Governors who have great efforts in this process, our parliamentary and committee members who are in the management of our region, our regional industrialists and all our stakeholders for their devoted work. I also congratulate the industrialists and non-governmental organizations who have contributed to the efforts of Yenice and Akçalar who have completed the reformed OIZ processes before and gained the OIZ identity. Daha


21 billion-dollar investment in 25 OSB in Bursa, 40 billion-dollar export target in the Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB) said that the work continues Ibrahim Burkay, X The city of the first Bursa in the transition to the new industrial revolution to continue to lead our country will. Our city will continue to write new success stories with the superior efforts of our entrepreneurs Müt.

President Burkay, also Barakfakih Islah OSB'ın organized industrial zone to continue to work, he said.


Kayapa Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (KSİAD) President Yalçın Toy, after the legal arrangement related to the reform OSB said that the region is the first application Kayapa,) At this point, industrialists has made a superior effort. In 2014 we have completed the process of Reformed OSB. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is the roof organization of the business world of Bursa, was a great support for our OSB journey. I would like to express my gratitude to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, İbrahim Burkay, who is always with us, and the members of the Board of Directors, Assembly and Committee. Her


Kayapa Industrial Zone was founded in 1997. In 2014, the region initiated the reform process. 88 currently employs nearly a thousand employees in the 5 company, and gained OSB status last week. In the 134 hectare area, there are companies that produce mainly in the automotive, machinery and metal, textile, chemical, recycling and furniture sectors.

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