New Era in Exhaust Gas Emission Measurement

new emission emission emission
new emission emission emission

Minister of Environment and Urbanization The Authority announced that the application will be implemented as a pilot in Ankara in case of exhaust inspections.

Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, stated that they have established the “Exhaust Gas Emission Measurement Tracking System” in order to ensure the monitoring of exhaust gas emission measurements by the Ministry in order to eliminate this destruction by minimizing motor vehicle pollution and to prevent irregular measurements by vehicles. .

By means of the law, it is important that the vehicles installed in the vehicle reduce the exhaust gas pollution and noise, and that it is important to have the vehicles installed and working in the vehicle.

The institution emphasized that if the system does not exist or does not work, the vehicle owners will face with administrative sanctions, while the measurements made with this system can be detected in an electronic environment.

“The system will guide the works”

“The data obtained with the exhaust gas emission measurement tracking system will guide the works to be carried out to prevent air pollution caused by motor vehicles in our country.” The Authority said:

“On the other hand, heavy sanctions have been imposed for station owners and staff who do not make the measurements of the vehicles in accordance with the technical procedures and principles, and administrative fines will be imposed in addition to closing the station and preventing the staff from working in another station. Moreover, in addition to the sanctions in other laws, administrative fines will be imposed for those who do not have authority, but who practice such as fraud. ”

“It is estimated that there are 20 million paper expenses per year”

The institution, stamp and license removed from the establishment of the system to the owners of vehicles at the stage of the document, also touched on, said:

“It is estimated that there are approximately 20 million paper expenses per year for this document. However, in order to reduce the use of paper, our Ministry will be able to see the measurements of citizens' tools through e-government by removing this document, and auditors will be able to make inquiries through system records. TÜVTÜRK inspection stations will also be connected to the system and will not request any documents from vehicle owners during the inspection. ”

“The system will be realized in Ankara as a pilot”

In order to prevent delays caused by vehicle inquiries, the Company emphasized that the vehicle owners were provided with the facility to complete the measurement in the shortest possible time by appointment from the nearest or desired station and the institution used the following statements:

“From now on, instead of stopping all vehicles in the exhaust inspections, the application for the determination of only those who have not taken measurements will take place in Ankara as a pilot this year. Thus, an integrated 'License Plate Recognition System' will be installed with the system mounted on the exhaust gas emission measurement tool of the provincial directorate. It will be ensured that the minutes are taken directly from the system in electronic form. ”

The Minister emphasized that it is important for citizens to have their exhaust gas emission measurements done without delay and to protect the environment and not to face fines.

“Call centers that will serve 7/24”

To ensure that the system works seamlessly and soundly 7 24 hours of call centers to serve hours, indicating that the Minister Institution, said:

“Integration was realized, enabling the station owners to pay the revolving funds in e-government via credit card or bank account. Standards were brought to the stations, the system was differentiated at all stations. Effective and quick inspection minutes were developed for inspections, and standard signs were developed for stations.

The personnel of our provincial directorate were trained, and the measurement and inspection tools in the provincial directorates were made compatible with the system. Measuring devices and cameras were placed in the provincial directorate vehicles and made ready for the measurement of vehicles in provinces without stations and non-system institutions without measuring devices. ”

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