Bridge, Motorway and Train Ticket Fees will be raised?

Is the highway and train ticket costs to be increased
Is the highway and train ticket costs to be increased

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure organized a meeting on ve saving and increasing incomes', including the senior management of Highways, PTT and TCDD. At the meeting, the bridge, highway and train ticket hike was also discussed. Related general managers, said the services in question to increase an increase in revenues is possible, said: "The decision, the political will," he said.

The Treasury and the Ministry of Finance recently asked the public to take steps to increase savings and revenues from public institutions and organizations. All the ministries, especially the investor, started to work on this issue. A meeting was held at the Ministry of Transport last week. All relevant and related departments of the ministry attended the meeting. The top management of PTT, Highways, TCDD Transport was also present at the meeting.

HabertürkAccording to the news of Olcay Aydilek from, firstly, savings measures were discussed at the meeting. Opinions and suggestions regarding the savings to be made in many areas ranging from membership to international organizations, translation services, expenditures of institutions and managers were expressed.


The meeting also talked about income-increasing steps. Officials of the General Directorate of Highways, state-run bridges and highways were not raised, the private sector operated bridges and highways and public and bridge tolls under the control of the tolls opened, he said.

At the meeting, train ticket fees were also discussed. TCDD also stressed that it is possible to increase the revenues in train tickets. Related decision-makers, "the decision, the political will," he said.


The Ministry of Transportation will forward its work on saving and revenue enhancing steps to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. The Treasury will evaluate these steps and decide on the steps to be taken.

So, what about the hike in the corridors of the Ministry of Transport? Here is his response: larda As of today's position of the Ministry of Transport, no increase is expected in both bridges and motorways. This can be continued until the end of the year. Yıl

Is there a raise in bridges and motorways operated by the private sector? Some projects, especially in Eurasia, may be raised soon after.

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