Cinema in Vehicle in Kocaeli

kocaelide aracta cinema enjoyment
kocaelide aracta cinema enjoyment

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality organized by the Turkey's biggest book fair 11. Kocaeli Book Fair, this year will be a principle stage. 5 will be installed in the car park of the fair area, the giant platform, the vehicle will be enjoying the cinema.

On the evening of Tuesday, 30 will watch the film fa Süt Kardeşler iler, one of Yeşilçam's classics. With their cars, the parking lot will adjust the radio frequency to the given frequency and enjoy watching the movie in the vehicle. There will also be free tea served by the Metropolitan. Under the program 20.30 May Friday evening at 3 '' Every Child is special '' film will be shown. While our guests enjoy the cinema in the vehicle, they will sip their complimentary teas and relax the day.

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