The Latest Status in Kartepe Cable Car Project

latest situation in kartepe cable car project
latest situation in kartepe cable car project

Mustafa Kocaman made a statement about the ropeway project açık The project is never canceled. The contract continues. Dear Governor and I have invited company management to do the project. It'il be a few days. The ropeway project will continue. T

Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman said, Mustafa The foundation of Kartepe Cable Car Line Project was laid on 10 December 2018. I know all phases of the project from the time I was the president of the district. The project was carried out by the Valter Elevators company for build-operate-transfer method for 29 yearbook. However, the company experienced credit problems. When he couldn't find a loan, he couldn't execute the project. Our contract with the company continues. We did not give up the project. Ades

Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman, laying the foundation after leaving the ropeway project will not give up and will start the project by specifying, fer In addition to the current project in our election declaration 3. We are doing the Etap. Etap

President Kocaman, said:'n The ropeway Project is the sine qua non of Kartepe. The city will be the only tourist region of the city and a ropeway project will be built. The company fulfilled all its legal obligations and fulfilled its duties. 5 invested a million TL in collateral. The contract is still in progress. Last week, we invited the governor together with our governor. Managers will come and see you. Our interests are common. If the company says 'I can't do it', our plan B is ready. Firma

Huge, election declarations promised to the Kartepeles about the development of the ropeway project, the district's highest point in the village of Servetiye Derbent'dan cable car line will give the project gave the good news. Kocaman, endiril Cable Car Line Project Derbent-Kuzuyayla and Seka Camp-Derbent between the two stages were projected. We will add a new line to the current project and will make the third stage of the cable car line between Derbent and Servetiye Village. Biz

The foundation of the cable car project on 10 December 2018 was laid. After the foundation was laid, the contractor firm could not start the project due to the credit problem. (the özgürkocael)

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