Highways 18. Collective Bargaining Negotiations Started

highways collective bargaining talks have begun
highways collective bargaining talks have begun

The 18th Term Collective Bargaining Agreement between Turkish Heavy Industry and Service Sector Public Employers Union Officials and Yol-İş Union Managers started at the General Directorate of Highways Meeting Hall on Monday, April 29, with the participation of General Director of Highways Abdulkadir URALOĞLU.

In his speech before the meetings, URALOĞLU stated that each member of the Highways Family of 28 thousand people, whose biggest capital is the labor of its employees, will serve our country and our nation by carrying out many successful works from now on.

URALOĞLU stated that the biggest shareholder of the services provided is the Highways, who work under difficult natural conditions, and continued his speech as follows: is also an important element of democracy. Since the 24st Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was signed for the first time on 1964 June 1 in order to regulate the mutual economic, social and working conditions of our workers and employers, a total of 17 collective bargaining agreements, 26 of which were at the enterprise level, have been made. 6356 under Law No. of Labor and Social Security Ministry, Collective Bargaining, taking the authority to make the new era Collective Bargaining Agreement, which calls to begin the conversation Turkey Get-talks with Workers' Union has started in our General Directorate as of today. "

At the end of his speech, URALOĞLU expressed his wishes for both sides to be beneficial and stated that he believed that the parties will be settled by agreement with his good intentions, sincerity and constructive attitude and approach.

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