Cable Manufacturers at THY Teknik

cable industrialists in thy technique
cable industrialists in thy technique

For the production of cables used in aircraft, cable, conductor and wiring industrialists and aircrafts, KITEMM member of TÜDEP Aerospace and Defense Industry Indigenous Clustering (HASUN), which started an attack with the high quality cables and conductors used in the Aerospace and Defense Industry THY Teknik organized a special en Indigenization Program l for HABOM's facilities at Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

TÜDEP Chairman Murat YETİŞGİN and Trakya Development Agency Secretary General Mahmoud in the program organized under the leadership of Sahin, Turkey in addition to the produced or any kind of planned to be produced aerial platforms, of the cables used in the existing passenger aircraft repair and maintenance, supply connectors and other hardware of the local industrialists agreed.

In the program organized in cooperation with TÜDEP HASUN and Thrace Development Agency, in which cable manufacturers mainly located in the Thrace Region take part, the industrialist delegation, which manages the localization programs on behalf of the host THY Teknik, was welcomed by Halil TOKEL, the General Manager's Advisor, to the relevant unit managers of THY Teknik and Halil Tokel. A presentation was made by In the speeches, where the strategic importance of the cable issue for all types of aircraft was emphasized, local companies introduced cable production, new markets and products to the sector for all kinds of aircraft and defense industry vehicles, from passenger and warplanes to helicopters, from UAVs to other platforms. kazanwas considered possible.

Halil TOKEL, who spoke at the meeting, underlined that THY Technic, which is a regional power, for the maintenance and repair of aircraft, buys aircraft parts and maintenance materials for hundreds of millions of years each year. He said he would make a serious contribution to the development of the aircraft industry. Emphasizing the vital importance of the absolute development of the industry sectors related to the aviation and aircraft industries, Tokel said that this would pave the way for other sectors in the production of quality products with high quality and added value.

Cable Manufacturers Ready for Production!

In his speech, Mahmut Şahin, Secretary General of Trakya Development Agency and Vice President and TÜDEP Vice President, said the following: '' In cable and high conductors, both the Thracian and other industrial manufacturers producing cables and cabling are planned to take part in NKUTEKEURASIATECHNOPARK in Çorlu. KİTEMM Cable and Conductive Technologies Center of Excellence has launched a program for specialized cluster. We are dependent on foreign countries in highly strategic areas such as defense and aerospace industries. In TÜDEP -TRAKYAK cooperation, such visionary to be performing in our region a program and because it is a first in Turkey also proud. '' Sahin, our area of ​​products that require high technology so we're Territory to be produced was the emphasis will contribute to the development of our country.

In TÜDEP President Murat YETİŞGİN speaking, highly qualified and cables produced to international standards and the conductor is dependent on outside our country from R & D and design, in a number of areas up to production and exports, noting that they aim to establish a common strategy, with a good road map and planning, Turkey ' He also stated that all kinds of cables can be produced in high technology standards such as shipbuilding, rail systems and nuclear power plants, including defense and aerospace. Turkey's 2030 cable and high-quality conductive export destination, stating that they revised annually 10 billion dollars TÜDEP President Murat YETİŞGİN, while KİTEMM Center of Excellence, has underlined it would be a central international expertise and synergies in this regard.

Cable industrialists in the program, in their speech, as technology, they are ready to produce any standard or high-quality cable said they were ready to produce. R & D, technology development and investment in the certification and export processes to be provided in the support of the sector to reach the goals, these products to end the dependence on foreign countries, in terms of economic income to our country, said they would make a serious contribution.

KİTEMM Cable and Conductive Technologies Center of Excellence Director Ahmet Erkoç, under the umbrella of KİTEMM, stated that under the umbrella of KİTEMM, cable industrialists started to strive for growth and development as a specialized cluster of Turkish cable industry in all areas from R & D and design, to the acquisition of international standards and from production to exportation and to take part in localization programs. he said.

Aerospace and defense industry cable which represents the majority of high-quality cable manufacturing participating and Turkey in the program organized for the vernacularization delegation consisting of companies, Unika Cable, Vatan Cable, Unal Cable, Building Blocks Cable, Başoğlu Cable, Sahara Cable, 2 Cable, Üntel Cable, Companies such as Ören Kablo, Tem Kablo, Emek Kablo, ETK Kablo, Elopar, General Mühendislik and representatives took place.

The cooperation and procurement localization / development program for THY Teknik Habom Facilities was completed with the introduction of the products needed to the industrialists and visiting the related workshops.

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