Investment in Railways to Benefit for Logistics Sector

investment in railways will benefit the logistics sector
investment in railways will benefit the logistics sector

📩 10/04/2019 17:46

According to the distribution of modes of transport in Turkey's foreign trade value by sea transport we examined 62 percent of the base, with 23 percent of the highways, you see that the airlines made of 14 percent. Railway transportation, the importance of which we have stated at every point, has a rate of only 1 percent.

As UTİKAD, we underline that this ratio should be increased in all platforms that we have been talking about for a long time. Because when we look at the logistics sector worldwide, we know that railway transportation will have an active role in the context of 'intermodal transportation' in the upcoming period.

However, I would like to share with you the distinction adopted by UTIKAD regarding the transportation terminology before specifying why intermodal transport is important. In 2001, the term taşımacılık Multimodal taşımacılık, ”intermodal“, ”combined transport al and“ road-rail transport Transport were defined in the document, Terminology on Combined Transport a published by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, but existing definitions in the document were confusing. .

It was seen that all three terms were used interchangeably in the relevant departments of logistics companies. A study was carried out by UTIKAD Railway and Intermodal Working Group, which thinks that these definitions need to be updated, and the proposed definitions instead of these terms have been sent to both the UN European Economic Commission and the General Directorate of Hazardous Goods and Combined Transport Regulation of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

In the proposed definition; While “Combined Transport” is positioned as a top title, multimodal and intermodal transport has been included as subtitles. The difference between the two terms is by UTİKAD; It is defined as "multimodal if the product in the transportation container is handled when switching between transportation modes, and intermodal if the container / vehicle or vehicle in which the product is placed is handled". According to these definitions; 'Multimodal / Multimodal Transportation is a transportation system that is made by using two or more modes of transportation, where direct loads are handled during mode changes.' 'Intermodal Transportation' is the transportation system in which vehicles or containers are loaded with the same transportation vehicle or container using two or more modes of transportation, in which the loads are placed in the mode changes, and the loads are not handled.

After making the right definition at this point, it is important to underline that intermodal transportation has much greater advantages in terms of the sector. Considering the advantages of intermodal transportation in terms of the sector, it is seen that the reduction of handling costs, minimization of the damages due to decreasing handling movements and thus increasing the competitiveness are the main factors.

We can also say that energy and fuel efficiency and intermodal transportation are more environmentally friendly. Reducing the traffic density on highways is of course one of the most important advantages within our national borders. In addition to this, Turkey is able to optimize the transport of national and international markets and international transport prices to help be one of the logistic base in the intermodal transport corridor is to the forefront.

There was also a very important development in 2018, revealing the necessity of supporting intermodal transportation. The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, which we believe will open the way for the Turkish logistics industry, has turned eyes into intermodal transportation once again. Completion of BTK is of great importance not only for the Turkish logistics sector but also for the foreign trade activities of approximately 60 countries. Although this line has been remembered as the line that will provide uninterrupted transportation from China to Europe within the scope of the Belt and Road Project of China, it also plays an important role in terms of the Trans Caspian International Transport Route. At the same time the BTK (Baku-Tbilisi-Kars) with our southern ports via maritime links will be established in North Africa, Viking Black Sea and Baltic Sea Train connection lines are emerging as important for Turkey. Speed ​​and thanks to Turkey's claim that the transfer center line providing competitive advantages in terms of cost will be further strengthened.

In addition to these developments, when we look at the investments of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, we see that the railways have the biggest share. Scheduled to open at the beginning of March Halkalı-Gebze Marmaray line will open new pages in front of the sector hope. The rebuilding of our country with iron nets will make a big difference not only in passenger transportation but also in freight transportation.

At this point, as UTİKAD has always stated, the sector should be supported with the incentives for the structuring of properly constructed logistics centers and incentives for increasing intermodal transportation. UTİKAD's globally accepted, environmentally friendly and economical transportation mode studies will continue in the coming periods. (UTİKAD)

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