Cable Car Works Started in Gerede


Gerede Mayor Mustafa Allar has started work for the Teleferic Project, one of the new projects.

Esentepe, Goat Castle and Arkut Mountain Ski Center between the line about 2500 meters planned to be done on the project began work. Within the scope of the Ropeway Project, technical details regarding the project are discussed with the firms. A technical trip will be organized for the construction of the ropeway and on-site inspections will be carried out. It is aimed to introduce the natural beauty of the district with the ropeway, to improve tourism and to facilitate transportation.

Mayor Mustafa Allar made a statement about the subject; '' The biggest project I want to realize in the coming 5 year is our Teleferic project. This project is of great importance for our district. We started our work for the project, we started negotiations with the firms in the ropeway project. As a municipality, we will organize a technical trip with our technical team and we will conduct an on-site inspection. We will continue to do our best for our district. According to current calculations, the total cost is 60 Million TL. Even the projection cost of which we are going to tender is 200-250 Thousand Tl. Our goal is to bring this project up to 2024 and bring Gerede to a high level of income in tourism. I believe in all my heart that we will achieve this, '' he said.

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