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full note

The 50-meter-wide New Ring Road, completed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, received full marks from the citizens after it was opened to traffic. Bringing the New Ring Road, which saves time and fuel, to the city. kazanThe common idea of ​​the people of Denizli, who thanked the President Osman Zolan, was “The new ring road came to Denizli like a medicine”.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented successful transportation projects one by one, as well as taking new measures in the rapidly increasing population and the number of vehicles, has opened Ali Marım Boulevard to the Hal Köprülü Junction and from there to the İzmir Boulevard with the 50 meters wide New Ring Road. Provided uninterrupted access to Bozburun road and Ankara road. With the New Ring Road, 1200 Houses, Yenişehir, Adalet, Gümüşler, Üçler, Göveçlik, Yenişafak, Hisar, Hallaçlar, Barutçular, Bereketler, Çakmak, Kadılar and dozens of neighborhoods in the Karahasanlı region reach İzmir Boulevard, Bozburun road and from there the Ankara road safely. The New Ring Road, which saved tens of thousands of vehicles from entering the city center, significantly reduced the traffic density.

Like airport runway

The 50-meter-wide New Ring Road, which is likened to the airport runway by the citizens, consists of 4 departures, 4 arrivals, 2 parking areas, bicycle paths and bus pockets. There are also 3 smart intersections on the ring road with pavements in both directions. New Ring Road to the city kazanThe common idea of ​​the people of Denizli, who thanked Osman Zolan, the mayor of the city, was “The new ring road came to Denizli like a medicine”.

What did the citizens say?

Ahmet Yeşilkaya: “I appreciate Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. This route has a really high value. This road is not available in every province. Our Denizli has been far superior to its former state, there are many differences, it has changed. May Allah not let our state harm our nation, let them use it without any accident. I have been in city traffic since 1979, very comfortable. New Street has also become completely different. "

Ekrem Utsal: “The New Ring Road has been very beautiful. The use of the four-lane road is very comfortable and beautiful. It relieved the traffic and it was very good. On this road, the traffic flow is very good, everyone passes comfortably. No problem in traffic, this road suits the city. We thank the Mayor Osman Zolan. "

Adem Özügür: “The New Ring Road is good, the service will not be bad but it is good to meet these needs and solve the transportation problem of people. People can go where they can go more easily and quickly. I thank the Metropolitan Municipality. "

Seyfettin Utsal: “The region has developed. A boulevard emerged. We will see the benefit of this in the future. 4 lanes of departure, 4 lanes of arrival, the city is already growing, it was nice for this. "

Tens of thousands of vehicles do not enter the city center

Stating that they have implemented many investments in Denizli especially in terms of transportation, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said, “We have built 16 crossroads with bridges so far, and we have provided relief in traffic with many intersection arrangements. With our new Ring Road, tens of thousands of vehicles from 1200 Evler, Yenişehir, Adalet, Gümüşler, Üçler, Göveçlik, Yenişafak, Hisar, Hallaçlar, Barutçular, Bereketler, Çakmak, Kadılar and Karahasanlı neighborhoods reach İzmir Boulevard or Bozburun road to Ankara direction without entering the city center. can reach ”he said.

Domestic and national investment Traffic Management System

Pointing out that they continue to breathe the city with the transportation investments made against the increasing vehicle traffic, Mayor Osman Zolan pointed out that the Traffic Management System, the local and national investment of the Metropolitan Municipality, works in coordination with all these investments. Mayor Zolan said, “Our New Ring Road has made a great contribution for our citizens to travel more comfortably and without loss of time. The main thing is to meet the needs and difficulties of our nation. Thankfully, we continue to do this hand in hand, ”he said.

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