Eurasia Rail 2019 Fair Has Started

railway sector fair was found in izmir
railway sector fair was found in izmir

It is held every two years and is the world's largest 3. The 8 10 April 2019 of the İzmir Eurasia Rail Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair olan was opened in Fair İzmir.

to the opening; Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Selim Dursun, General Manager of TCDD Ali İhsan Uygun, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer and senior executives of leading institutions and organizations in the railway sector.

DURSUN: am Railways Become Our Government Policy DU

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister Dursun said that the railroads have gone a long way from past to today and said, demir Together we follow the developments in the sector. In 2011, while the local participation in Eurasia Rail in Ankara was 40, it has reached 60s this year. Increasing the number of our domestic brands is very important. Railways became our government policy. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure invested $ 1 billion and invested 527 billion in the railway. Increasing the target, increasing the number of activities in the sector will lead to differentiation of trade, increase in profitability and development of our country. We work together for beautiful tomorrows. I believe that the fair will open our horizons in the future as it is today. Fuar

UYGUN: Ed We continue to bring new works to İzmir:

In his speech, General Director of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Ali Ihsan stressed that they saw the Fair as a great opportunity to share the opportunities and opportunities accessed with other countries.

Still, the Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul and Konya-Eskişehir-Istanbul route, along with the services of the high-speed train service to the country's population 40'un said that the appropriate service, said: na We are rapidly expanding our high-speed train service network, which has won great admiration for our guests visiting our country with our citizens. Our high speed trains from Ankara and Konya to Pendik in Istanbul, Gebze-Halkalı 12 as of March Halkalıand provided great comfort in transportation.

Our high-speed railway construction works between Ankara-Sivas and İzmir-Ankara are continuing. We are building high-speed railways, as well as high-speed railways, where we can transport both passengers and freight. "said.

General Manager Suitable, signaling and electrification of existing lines, logistics centers and R & D activities, urban rail systems, domestic and national production of important projects for our country has been gained and the new continues to be gained.

Stressing that the 8 first Eurasia Rail Fair takes place in Izmir this year has a special meaning for them, Uygun reminded that the 162 annual story of the Turkish railways started in Izmir.

Uygun says, şehir İzmir, which is equipped with historical stations, harbors and museums, is a city that develops with railways and becomes synonymous with railways. We continue to invest in İzmir with our new vision and mission as new railroads and to bring new works. Demir

Under the joint project of TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, 136 is a joint project of central and local governments. he said he would meet.

Uygun, Izmir-Ankara travel time between 3.5 hours will reduce the Ankara-Izmir High-speed railway construction works, and they continue to work quickly, Selcuk-Partners-Aydin and Aydin-Denizli between the high-speed railway project carried out said.

About the investments made in İzmir Port Uygun said, ederek Recently, we provided 10 new set of tractors and made port services faster and more efficient. The Project of Excavator and Quay Construction with the Scanning of the Port of Izmir continues. İzmir

We have also shared about the TCDD museums in İzmir. Our Steam Locomotive Museum, located in Selçuk Çamlık with a new understanding, has been one of the most popular places of the region in terms of culture and tourism. Selçuk

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun stated that the railway projects that will lead the development of İzmir and İzmir will continue rapidly.

The opening ceremony was completed with the introduction of plaques and ribbons.


TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, Istanbul Commerce University Faculty Member Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı moderated the ın Today, Future and Future Expectations of our Railways atör panel answered questions.


In the fair supported by TCDD in the name of the development of the sector in our country, 3 will be held for days; Railways today, future and economic expectations, rail systems, localization and investments in rail systems, rail and public and private sector cooperation for rail systems, digitalization of railways, system standardization opportunities in signaling many topics such as panels, conferences and seminars by organizing a technical tour it is aimed to provide the highest level of sharing of knowledge and experiences in the sector.

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