Spring Arrives at ESBAS Junction

esbas kavsagina spring is here
esbas kavsagina spring is here

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring the city entrances to a completely different view with colorful bushes, trees and night illumination. The vines planted at the 36 point on the cord won the appreciation of the people of İzmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality equips the city with seasonal flowers just like every year. The Metropolitan Municipality, which changed the face of the city by planting colorful flowers in green areas in various regions, turned into a country garden. With the arrival of spring, the city was decorated with flowers and green trees. The work at Gaziemir ESBAS Junction was one of the most successful examples in this area.

Within the scope of the works in the ESBAŞ Junction, the Metropolitan Municipality organized a thousand square meters of 500 meyland, 18 pieces of pyramidal flame tree, 13 thousand pink, yellow and red seasonal primrose planting and 23 square meter ready roll lawn. The intersection, grass floor and decorative elements have a whole new look, while the sideways walkways are covered with colorful top-covered panels that protect the pedestrians from the sun and rain.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's streets, refuges, parks and roadside flowers planted with the spring, turned into a splendor of colors. At the 1500 spot on the 36 meter-long running track on the cord, 12 spot shade crossings and umbrella canopy at the 3 spot on the grass field. XNUMX created colorful images of shade transitions with shades at meter lengths.

The same effect was created in pedestrian crossings by considering pedestrian comfort at Bornova Osman Kibar Junction and Fahrettin Altay Square.



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