Derbent Train Station Closing Again

derbent railway station is being closed again
derbent railway station is being closed again

Due to the High Speed ​​Train Project, the historical Derbent Station, which was closed in 2014 for three years, is being closed again by the General Directorate of State Railways, due to the Signalization project between Köseköy and Pamukova.

Studies will be held between 2-18 May. Derbent District Headman Erdal Baş, lık Railways want to close this station completely because of the small number of passengers. We will not allow it. Buna

Derbent Station is a historical garage that has been operating since the end of the 1800s, where the Haydarpaşa- Baghdad Railway Line was opened. In the Derbent Station, which has been serving for more than a century, commuters and post trains stopped between Adapazarı and Haydarpaşa; take passengers and lowered passengers. For many years, workers from Seka and other factories went and took their train from this station. This station was very important for those in Kartepe and the surrounding areas.

Derbent Station in the district of Adapazarı-Istanbul Haydarpaşa between the island was running. The historic station was open for many years. The 2014 was shut down for three years as part of the High Speed ​​Train Project, which started in the year. In 2017, when YHT started its voyages, Ada Ekspress started its flights but the number of reciprocal flights was reduced. The commuter train was operating five times a day between Pendik-Arifiye and Arifiye-Pendik.

Derbent Station will be closed between 2-18 May as part of the commuter train signaling work between Arifiye and Derbent. This may take a long time. The High Speed ​​Train did not stop at Derbent Station after it was commissioned. After the YHT service, the area around the station was also surrounded by fences. Parts to the perona are locked. When the suburban train hours are approaching, the officer is unlocked. Erdal Baş, head of Derbent Mahallesi, said that the development of tourism in the region will increase the importance of the historical station for the region after the cable car line is built.

After the announcement of the closure of the historical Derbent Train Station, the people of the neighborhood reacted. Neighborhood Headman Erdal Baş said that the reason for stopping the services for about a month was to close the station completely, using the signaling works as an excuse. The people of the neighborhood gathered in the station area and reacted to the suspension of the flights. Muhtar Erdal Baş said, “Derbent Station is the historical value of our neighborhood and this region. We strive to preserve this value. Many people go to Istanbul and Adapazarı from this region, and the number of tourists who prefer the train to visit our region is quite high. A cable car will be built in the coming period. This station is much more important. kazanwill ache. It is desired to close the station where it will be activated. We will not let it go. We will bring the issue to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, we will take the issue to our deputies," he said. (the özgürkocael)

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