Companies Preferring Yenişehir for Air Cargo Kazangoing out

Companies that prefer Yenişehir in air cargo kazancli is out
Companies that prefer Yenişehir in air cargo kazancli is out

BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan stated that the Bursa companies that use Yenişehir Airport for air cargo operations will have a daily time advantage compared to the companies performing their operations through Istanbul. Üy Gold is worth every minute for our companies competing with world giants. Business representatives should benefit from this opportunity. Ası

Launched by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and 2, BTSO Lojistik AS which started air cargo transportation from Yenişehir as of April, was held. BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan, Logistics Council President Mehmet Aydın Kalyoncu, BTSO Logistics Inc. and MNG Airlines officials attended the meeting with the Bursa business world showed great interest. At the meeting, BTSO Logistics Inc.'s physical conditions and information about the work was carried out.


Speaking at the opening of the meeting, BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan said that they have reactivated Yenişehir Airport Air Cargo Facilities which have been idle since 2001 with BTSO. Reminding that the first flight from Yenişehir was carried out to the US in April at 2, Koçaslan said, lan With the introduction of our air cargo transportation services, our companies can now send their products to export markets in a very short time. Proje


Yenişehir offers Bursa companies both a cost and time advantage in foreign trade transactions. kazanKoçaslan, who pointed out that the air cargo service between Istanbul and Turkey is the first to use the air cargo service, you have to send your products to Istanbul with the domestic shipping company. After your products wait there for one night, customs clearance is done the next day and they go abroad with the first flight. We, on the other hand, deliver your products abroad while customs clearance is carried out in Istanbul. For our companies competing with world giants, every minute is worth gold in tough competition conditions. Our business representatives should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.” said.


Ömer Tunçkanat, General Manager of BTSO Lojistik AŞ, gave information about the services offered by Lojistik AŞ. The center has a total area of ​​5 thousand square meters that expresses Tunçkanat, the customs of the enterprise, with airspace and aircraft in a state that is completely ready, he said. Tunckanat stated that there is 30 cold storage in 4-XNUMX degrees within the center. Alı Customs services will be provided by Inegöl Customs Directorate. We offer a much faster and more affordable service compared to locations such as Istanbul and Ankara. We believe that our business world will provide the necessary support to our project. İş

We Trust in Yenisehir

MNG Airlines commercial director of the air cargo flights from Yenişehir Hasan Tasus MNG'nin said that since the 1998 air cargo service offers. In the 8 that inform the aircraft fleet MNG found tasus said mng'n 400 point of flying to Turkey's largest private airline company in the world that is. BTSO Lojstik Inc. in cooperation with the cooperation began with the Yenişehir Airport Tasus, said they believe in the potential of the region.

After the meeting, business representatives made observations at BTSO Logistics Inc.'s air cargo operation center in Yenisehir.

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