Kardemir's 82nd Anniversary Celebration

Kardemir Board of Directors
Kardamir's 82. Anniversary Celebrated

3 April 1937 is the first integrated iron and steel plant in Turkey. celebrates its anniversary. The celebration events, which will continue throughout the week, began today with a wreath presentation ceremony at the Atatürk Monument on Karabük City Square.

Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel, Karabük Deputies Cumhur Ünal, Niyazi Güneş, Mayor of Karabük Rafet Vergili, Rector of Karabuk University. Dr. Refik Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kardemir Kamil Güleç and General Manager Hüseyin Soykan and protocol members, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations, Kardemir employees, students and citizens attended.

Following the reading of our national anthem and our national anthem, the director of our company, who came to the podium for the opening speech. After Hüseyin Soykan greeted the company, he stated that the production of 2018 Million 2 thousand tons of liquid steel produced in 413 is now among the companies that make production on a world scale.

In his speech, our General Manager stating that it is not enough to increase the production in the iron and steel sector where the competition is very sharp, to provide product diversity and to create awareness by producing the unprocessed, our General Manager 100. By opening a separate paragraph of the Year Targets “As it is known, our Republic 100. One of the objectives of the year is the establishment of the national defense industry. Thanks to the studies carried out in recent years, the localization rates in the defense industry have exceeded% 65. As Kardemir, the cornerstone of the Turkish steel industry, we do not want to stay out of this great goal, Türk he said.

For this purpose, our General Manager stated that a working group has been formed in Kardemir to produce the steel qualities required by our defense industry and that joint projects will be developed with all relevant private and public institutions and organizations, especially the Defense Industry Presidency. Hüseyin Soykan's speech was formed by the following heads.

Railway Wheel Production;

We realized the first raw wheel production at the Railway Wheel Manufacturing Plant, which is among the strategic investments of our country. To date, a fully robotic plant has been spent around 700 Million TL.

We are continuing our test production and we want to start mass production in the second half of this year.

Capacity increase;

Our target is to increase our production capacity to 3,5 million tons. For this purpose, we have started new investments in our Celikhane region. With these investments to be completed at the end of this year, we will be one step closer to our targets.

Environmental Investments;

2018 was the year of environmental investments for our company. Our environmental investments, which we started in line with our commitments to both the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and our Karabük Municipality, have been completed. As a result of these long-term studies, we now want to remove the notion of environmental pollution from the agenda of our city.

Social responsibility projects;

The social responsibility projects that our company has carried out so far to meet the social needs and expectations are known by all of you. Now we have two important social responsibility projects. One of them, as the Club of Engineers in the district of Yenişehir known as the Kardemir Museum to serve the community. The other one is the restoration of Yenişehir Cinema and reintroducing it as a theater and cultural center. Restoration projects are prepared for both facilities. Both the Ministry of Culture and our country in this field by taking the opinions of experts and organizations in this field, the concept will prepare the projects, and will go into implementation phase. Then we want to revive our other social facilities respectively.

World's Biggest Producers Between Turkey;

Turkey, as the world's xnumx'inc of 2018, 8 and Europe. is a major steel producer. In this great development, there is no doubt that every Karabük person has labor and sweat. On this occasion, our late Prime Minister İsmet İnönü, who established the first mortar on the basis of our founder, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who gave the orders of the establishment of these factories in Karabük, came from all over the country to establish the Karabük Iron and Steel Factories and I thank everyone who contributes with gratitude and gratitude. At present, I sincerely welcome all of our employees who have taken a sweat and sharp sweat to sustain this development.

We must move the flag higher;

To us, this flag is entrusted to us to move higher. In order to achieve this, we should not fall behind the developments in the world. Today in the world and Turkey Industry 4.0 and digital transformation journey continues to progress quickly. We have to accelerate our innovative processes, make all our production lines more flexible, produce products to meet all expectations, and produce them in the most efficient and healthy way. We need to develop our engineering and programming skills. For this purpose, as Kardemir, our Republic 100. We have launched a new digital transformation project called. Kardemir: 2023 vision ism. We have taken the necessary steps to renew our Enterprise Resource Planning software. We will make this digital transformation by creating work plan and teams for the project.

Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel, Karabük Deputies Cumhur Ünal and Niyazi Güneş, Mayor of Karabük Rafet Vergili stated in his speech about the meaning and importance of the day, the foundation of Kardemir and Karabük 82. They celebrated their anniversary.

In the morning of the celebrations, cyclists cycling on the 3 April Cycling Tour organized by the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports in Karabük baySafranbolu presented our glorious flag in the Governor of Karabük in Fuat Gürel. In addition to the celebrations organized by the Provincial Directorate of National Education organized by the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Poetry competitions organized by the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Athletics competitions and athletes who won awards in sports events organized during the year awards were presented.

Gisi Out of the Fund ”Sezer Güleç Exhibition;

Our company and the establishment of Karabük 82. In the afternoon of the anniversary celebrations, Sezer Güleç's wife, Kamil Güleç's ın Out of the Chest ın clothes exhibition was opened. Karabük Governor Fuat Güler and his wife Özlem Aras Gürel, Karabük Deputies Cumhur Ünal and Niyazi Güneş, Karabük University Rector. Dr. Refik Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors Kamil Güleç and his wife Sezer Güleç and Board Member H. Çağrı Güleç, General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Soykan and Karabük Protocol opened with the participation of many guests in the exhibition 1970 1980 and XNUMX 's elegant and elegant attire of the years exhibited. The exhibition of curatorship by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Anıl Ertok Atmaca and Esra Zengin was highly appreciated.

Folk Dance Show and Youth Concert;

  1. In the evening of the Anniversary Celebration of the Foundation, Folk Dances and Youth Concert took place. Karabük City Center in the front of the pedestrian street in front of the Old Town Building Karabük Public Education Center Artvin Region folk dance show, while students of Safranbolu Fine Arts High School also took part in the Youth Concert. The meeting was attended by the President of Karabük Governor Gürel and Kamil Güleç. The students of Fine Arts High School had an unforgettable evening with the beautiful pieces.

Celebration events will be held on Thursday at Karabuk University, 4. Will continue with the International Iron and Steel Symposium.

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