Bursa Panayır Bridge Junction Illumination Made


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues its transportation investments in 17 district with the goal of more accessible city. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, the city center and by the Metropolitan Municipality of the investments made in the district is further relaxes, he said.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues to work in every corner of the city in accordance with the needs, sometimes with illumination and sometimes with road maintenance and arrangements within the scope of its breathing works.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which was opened in cooperation with the Regional Directorate of Highways and recently opened to public transport, was realized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa.

Within the scope of the illumination of the junction and junction roads, a lighting board was placed in the green area section of the Panayır bridge junction and illumination of both the junction and the sideways were provided.

In the works, 49 pieces of galvanized lighting pole and 74 pieces of 150W Sodium Steam Lighting were installed. Authorities stating that all materials used were selected in accordance with the relevant technical specifications of TEDAŞ, and that the works were carried out entirely by the technical personnel and workers of the Directorate of Road Department of the Directorate of Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality.

On the other hand, within the scope of the work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in 17 district Karacabey District Karakoca Mahallesi'nda 1500 meters within the village asphalt pavement was completed.



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