Bursa Business World in Germany

bursa is in Germany
bursa is in Germany

📩 27/04/2019 12:55

BTSO, 6 more than a thousand business people brought together with different trade fair organizations within the scope of the Global Fair Agency Project in Bursa, Germany, Germany and Berlin Messe 2019 industrial technology fairs in Germany examined the exhibitions.

The Global Fair Agency Project, which has been implemented in order to add power to the foreign trade volume of the companies of Bursa and to follow the latest developments in the sectors, is continuing its overseas programs in April. BTSO, which has signed 2019 abroad program in the first 3 of 15 year with Global Fair Agency and Ur-Ge projects, finally made it to Germany.


The delegation consisting of representatives of the construction industry visited the BAUMA 2019 Construction Machinery Fair. BAUMA Munich Fair, attended by Board Members Hasan Gürses and Osman Nemli, Head of Delegation and BTSO Assembly Member Ali Faruk Çolak and sector representatives, is held 3 in 1 years. 4 thousand in the fair where 24 exhibitors, 190 companies from Turkey; 10 companies from Bursa participated in the stands.

Within the scope of the Global Fair Agency international business trips, representatives of the Machinery-Metalworking sector visited the Messe 2019 Industrial Technologies Fair held in Hannover, Germany.


BCCI Board Member Hasan Gurses, Room as Turkey's development goals are always offering the highest level of contribution Bursa business world that they continue to work in order to increase exports in 2019 he said. In addition to increasing the competitive identity of the companies, Hasan Gürses stated that they have realized overseas programs to increase their export in different target markets, especially in the EU. Üzere In Germany, we organized an important organization with our sector representatives. Over the last 5 year, 170 fair organization was held in different geographies and we carried our 6.000 fair visit to Germany. As BTSO, we will continue our moves that increase the exports of our members. B


BCCI Board Member Osman damp, Turkey's production and export base of Bursa stressed that it has a close 25 billion dollars in foreign trade volume. 188 country and region to export our product makes Bursa voicing percent 10 of Turkey's exports alone accounted Osman damp, "Our members fair organization, thanks on the one hand the steps of their new collaborations laying a hand on the developments in the sector, they catch the opportunity to follow," he said

Head of the Delegation and BTSO Council Member Ali Faruk Colak, closely related to the construction sector BAUMA Munich Fair, more than 60 companies from the country said that opened booth. Stating that BTSO has made significant efforts to explore the export markets of the companies and strengthen its position in the markets where it is involved, Çolak said dı These organizations which will enable the sectors to have a more active role in the world arena gain new horizons for companies. B


Messe 2019 Head of the Delegation of Industrial Technologies Fair and 10. Chairman of the Professional Committee Hüseyin Kumru said that the business trip with the participation of the sector representatives made the companies closely follow the developments in the machinery and metal sector. Hüseyin Kumru said, ve Our fair program organized with the support of KOSGEB and our Chamber has been beneficial for our companies. We had the opportunity to see the latest situation of our sector in the world. Sektör


BTSO continues to provide convenience to companies such as transportation, accommodation and guidance fees. KOSGEB, 3 thousand pounds for the countries close to the companies participating in organizations, 5 thousand liras in the distant countries offers support. BTSO also gives support to every member applying 1.000 twice a year. BTSO members, www.kfa.com.t is In order to get detailed information about the fairs, you can apply for organizations related to their sectors.

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