Burkay: 'Bursa 6 Billion Dollar Foreign Trade Surplus A City'

burkay bursa
burkay bursa

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, who came together with the members of the BTSO Organized Industrial Zones Council, signed the works that led to the R & D and innovation-oriented transformation of the Bursa business world showing more foreign trade performance than 15 countries with 121 billion dollars export. said they threw.

BTSO, which has become a center of expertise with projects aimed at Bursa business world, continues to add strength to the steps of the sectors with its sectoral council structuring. In this context, BTSO Organized Industrial Zones Council meeting, which is one of the sectoral council structures, was held at Double F 1889 Bursa Restaurant. BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay met with the Council members, Bursa, which is the center of industry and exports, 6 is a city that gives a foreign trade surplus of a billion dollars, he said.


President Burkay, automotive, textile and machinery, especially in different sectors with a significant potential Bursa defense, aerospace, rail systems and composite sectors, such as leading the transformation projects carried out, he said. President Burkay pointed out that they aim to raise Bursa to the position of Germany's technology-producing center such as Baden-Württemberg and other disciplines such as R & D and design centers. Ler Our goal is to transform Bursa in every field. At this point, we have implemented different transformation models from BUTEKOM to Bursa Model Factory and from TEKNOSAB to Ur-Ge projects in Bursa. We want to increase the potential of Bursa in sectors with strong infrastructure in strategic areas. These steps will shape the next 50 year of our city. As the Bursa business world, we will continue to carry the success bar of Bursa to the top. Bursa


President Burkay, 11 thousand square kilometers of space allocated to industry in Bursa in the current spatial planning has a share of 8 in the total surface area, said: ın In spite of this, our industry's value added to the city economy reaches to 46. In the EU countries, the share of industrial areas is 2,5, while the value added is 14. 3,5 of Germany's total surface area is divided into industrial areas. Spatial planning to be carried out in line with the new generation of incentives, value-added production and export targets will overcome our country. Yeni


In the 2013 embodiment of sectoral councils oluştururarak they achieved a first in Turkey and the 18 25 council to remove the number that expresses Burkay President, "we have the start of a new business transformation for our city as Bursa. With the participation of all the dynamics in our city, our sectoral councils, which we implemented through common sense, were the driving force of our projects. Ş

”We will solve the problems of our OIZs“

Ersan BCCI Organized Industrial Zones Council President Özsoy, Bursa is Turkey's future as an important contribution to the goals of organized industrial zones have been found, he said. Ozsoy stated that they aim to increase the synergy and synergy between Organized Industrial Zones as the Council. In order to solve the issues on the agenda of our regions, which lead the production, employment and export of our Bursa, we will continue our activities by acting in a common sense. I would like to thank our Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO İbrahim Burkay and his team for their contribution to the city economy. B


Sectoral councils, which include representatives of business representatives, academics, public institutions and non-governmental organizations, continue their work without interruption in the new period. BTSO, the roof organization of the Bursa business world, held a meeting of the sector council in 8 within a week, bringing together the stakeholders of the sectors around the same table. Textile, Ready-to-Wear, Machinery, Services, Trade, Design, Economic Relations and Finance Council, High Techno-Council Council and Organized Industrial Zones Council was held with the participation of members. BTSO Assembly President Ali Uğur meetings, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors İsmail Kuş and Cüneyt Şener, Board Members Irmak Aslan, Muhsin Koçaslan, Aytuğ Onur, Member of the Assembly Council Hakan Batmaz and the members of the councils and members of the sector attended.

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