Başiskele's Streets Are Renewed

Renewing the Streets of Basiskelenin
Renewing the Streets of Basiskelenin

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues its road maintenance and repair works in the city. In this context, manufacturing works for the superstructure and superstructure in the Başiskele district, Ortail, Arpalık, Sanayi and Derya streets. By means of the project, Autoport Port, KOSBAŞ Free Zone, which creates alternative roads for Ford Otosan, enables the traffic flow to be more secure by expanding roads.

3 thousand 20 tons of asphalt pavements were constructed in the 4 bin 9 meter 718 street within the scope of the project works. 7 thousand 483 meter parquet flooring was manufactured while 5 bin 771 meter was laid on the streets. 190 meter concrete road was built while 256 meter length of 1.20 times 1.00 meter width of a culvert and 726 cubic meter concrete production was made. Within the scope of the project, the construction of one thousand 420 meters of rainwater line was carried out.

As part of the studies, the streets of Ortail, Arpalık and Sanayi, which are muddy and damaged, were renovated and expanded. With the renewed and expanded streets, Autoport Port will serve as an alternative way for KOSBAŞ Free Zone and Ford Otosan regions. Also, Derya Street was created as a new project.



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