Countdown Begins at MARC, Europe's Largest Autonomous Vehicle Competition

Europe's biggest autonomous vehicle race marca countdown has begun
Europe's biggest autonomous vehicle race marca countdown has begun

Europe's largest mini autonomous car competition MARC, 13 will be held on April Saturday in Ankara Cyberpark.

products for which reveal their artificial intelligence applications in Turkey and profound learning algorithms, which is one of the most important representatives openzek the administration of the contest, which will be held xnumx.'s this year, Turkcell, Karel, next to the BMC and the Emergence of Technology, 3 universities and 10 high school team are also involved .

At MARC, the teams are using 1 / 10-scale special production vehicles equipped with high-tech radar and sensors, before they are trained by OpenZeka in a series of deep learning algorithms. These vehicles are supported by NVIDIA Jetson TX platforms where all driving experience in a real vehicle can be simulated.

The teams show how the real world can produce solutions to the real driving needs with deep learning algorithms. They compete to achieve the defined tasks quickly and accurately. They test all the scenarios that will keep the driving safely in the specially prepared track, from driving safety to reactions to traffic signs, and from sudden sudden road traffic to obstacles on the road.

Technology companies such as TIRPORT support

Companies, Universities and High Schools will be held in the separate category of 3, such as TIRPORT, Bosch, NVIDIA, MSI supports important technology companies such as.

MARC is critical in terms of showing that it can be a native candidate in the sense of providing support to the works initiated by TOGG for domestic automobile production by producing ot domestic autonomous driving know-how MAR.

OpenZeka, the artificial intelligence company behind this know how; He succeeded in developing his own platform like the giants with his artificial intelligence platform such as the US Mobileye (Intel) and the Chinese Apollo (Baidu) who came to an assertive place in the world about autonomous driving know-how. This new generation of artificial intelligence-assisted network, called Cordatus, can combine thousands of computers with blockchain methodology, and can continually improve driving data by learning algorithms.

This exciting experience will be held at the Bilkent Sports Hall in April at 13.

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