Mayor Aktaş Listened to Transportation Problems in Bursaray

headman aktas listened to the citizens in the subway
headman aktas listened to the citizens in the subway

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, Osmangazi station from the subway in the submission of congratulations from both citizens, and also listened to the problems. President Aktas, especially the completion of the signaling optimization of the 3.75 minutes of 2 minutes will be recalled by reducing the time, quality and comfort in public transportation will be stressed further.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who completed the intensive election marathon with a successful result, continues to come together with different segments of the society. One of the first stops of President Aktaş after the election was the metro station, who learned firsthand about the problems that citizens experienced in public transportation by taking the metro at certain times of the day. Mayor Aktaş, who came to Osmangazi Station to get on the subway, met with the intense interest of the local tradesmen and citizens. Drinking tea with the citizens sohbet President Aktaş also accepted the congratulations of the citizens. Later, President Aktaş, who went to the station, got on the metro and continued to the Acemler Bursaspor Station. sohbet He.

“We will enjoy Bursa“

President Aktaş reminded that they had empathized in all their work and put themselves in the place of a citizen before they made a service, and that they were keeping the citizens healthy and comfortable transportation while implementing transportation investments. Aktas reminded that the signaling optimization works in rail transport are continuing ti We are empathizing with our citizens in doing our jobs. We have problems with transportation. We're currently doing signaling optimization. Hopefully, June will end in 2020 and we will have the possibility of carrying a lot more passengers. So the 3.75 minute time between two wagon arrays will be reduced to 2 minutes. Today we came together with our citizens. We have received their congratulations and thanks. We thank them for their support. Together with the transportation related problems, we listen to what they wanted to tell us. Hopefully, we will make Bursa more accessible with the investments we will make regarding transportation. That is the time when we will enjoy the real sense of Bursa and enjoy the pleasure, "he said.

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