Arkas Logistics Carries THY to Istanbul Airport

Thyyi Istanbul Airport
Thyyi Istanbul Airport

Arkas Logistics, which carried the transportation of THY's large ground equipment to Istanbul Airport in more than 5 thousand trucks in 45 hours, used the advantage of container transportation from the maritime culture in the project.

Arkas Logistics General Manager Onur Göçmez said that Arkas Logistics has nearly 500 self-owned vehicles and trustworthy suppliers. Ğ This highlighted our strengths and different solutions in the ground handling services. After that, on this operational solutions, we have just created this specific software, Bun he said.

Göçmez said that they carried the carriage on 5 hour in 6-45 April 44-10 in April. . More than a thousand 5 employees will serve during the operation bin. Göçmez, who explained the size of the project with examples, said, X When 800 bin TIR is added in succession, it reaches a length of approximately 5 kilometers. The total distance traveled by our vehicles was 80 one thousand kilometers. This is equivalent to taking the 400 tour around the world. Transported equipment takes up the size of the 10 football field lıy.

On the other hand, Onur Göçmez said that the control centers were monitored online and said, inin There are eight stations established. We put emergency team vehicles on those routes at point A and B. Our equipment and staff waited ready to interfere with possible problems from this online system. Bu

Merkez We operate with our partners in major trading centers globally “

Arkas Logistics, land, sea, light cargo and project shipments by air and rail combined transport were doing, that they offer forwarding and warehouse services of Honor Göçmez, "In Turkey, Izmir, Istanbul, Bursa, Mersin, Ankara, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Kayseri, We serve with our employees in our offices in Samsun, Trabzon, İskenderun with a thousand 300 employees. Abroad, we operate in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China and Greece as well as our partners in other important trade centers in the world. Yurtdış

Stating that there are many elements that bring Arkas to the forefront in the sector, Göçmez said,, An important example of our project of transporting Turkish Airlines to Istanbul Airport is our concrete difference. A project that supports our motto 'The Power of the Arkas'. In this transportation, where speed and safety are at the forefront, we made the special tracking systems, traffic control rooms, vehicle driver tracking systems, online load movements, barcoding systems, special equipment used for this transportation and special project trainings at 45 hour. Our job is not just transporting the load from point A to point B, but logistics engineering. First we did this on mathematics. Because we had to carry out the transport, which is expressed as the biggest migration of the world in a limited time, Çünkü he said.

”We are the biggest carrier in TANAP“

One of the subjects that differentiated Arkas is that it has expertise in different sectors. Eden We have important reference projects such as TANAP which show our expertise in pipe transportation. We are the biggest carrier in these projects. job security by Toscelik we move the pipes for TANAP project, with reference to our success in Turkey in terms of speed and safe handling, for transport overseas we preferred. We became the bearer of the BRUA project, which includes Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. One after the other hand, the industry's focus for the opening of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line in the organization of the first train out of Turkey's Arkas Logistics we have undertaken. So far, we carry cargo from Turkey to the Commonwealth of Independent States reached 50 thousand tons. Expedition frequency at the moment one week, but we aim to remove in two, Se he said. (World)

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