New Address of Techno-Entrepreneurs Ostim Technopark

The new address of technosystems
The new address of technosystems

Ostim Technopark A.Ş. The opening of the Technology Commercialization and Cultivation Center Project was held with wide participation. OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın invited companies, entrepreneurs and academicians who produce qualified products and R&D to OSTİM.

A new one has been added to the technology development opportunities of entrepreneurs and SMEs in OSTİM. With the Project of Establishing a Technology Commercialization and Cultivation Center supported by Ostim Teknopark A.Ş. under the Ankara Development Agency 2018 Financial Support Program; A workshop was created for technology-based companies with alternative machine park and office areas that will enable prototype production and R&D.

Opening of the first part of the Technology Commercialization and Cultivation Center; Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Arif Şayık, OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın, academicians, technopark representatives and industrialists participated.

”We invite entrepreneurs and academicians to OSTİM“

Orhan Aydın, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OSTİM stated that they have implemented a multi-purpose workshop. An environment will be opened for our industrialists, universities, technopark companies and the people who make projects. We are opening the first part of the Technology Commercialization Cultivation Center established with the support of Ankara Development Agency. Ankara

Providing information about Ostim Teknopark Aydın, in addition to the Orange Building OSTIM Metro Station next to the 15 thousand square meters of Turquoise Building is also operational. Underlining that the Technology Development Zone is not only building, Orhan Aydın said: ged There are dozens of small production areas in our region, technology can be developed, R & D can be done. Our technology development is the difference of our region; be able to create production environments. For this reason, we want to share with our industrialists, R & D companies.

We invite all our companies, entrepreneurs and academicians who produce qualified products and conduct R & D to our region and OSTİM. Ostim Teknopark has another difference; here we have 7 partner, partner university. This is not a conventional structure in Turkey. Partners of TOBB, Ankara, Atılım, Başkent, Çankaya, Hacettepe and OSTİM Technical Universities. All these universities, entrepreneurs, academics Ostim from the project, in terms of Turkey Utilization of this center, we think it would be a very nice interface. I would like to thank the Secretary General and the entire team of our Ankara Development Agency for their assistance and support from the construction phase of the project, to all our universities, Technopark Managers and employees. Pro

Target domestic and national production

Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Arif Şayık emphasized that the only target of the Agency since its foundation was domestic and national production. Şayık pointed out that they offer all the supports in line with this target and said d I congratulate OSTİM OSB and Ostim Teknopark, which is the occasion of such a project by applying to us in the 2018 Product Commercialization Financial Support Program in the Advanced Technology. Bu

Emphasizing the inability to commercialize the products and innovations that emerged with the support of the state and universities, Şayık said, ün We think that these problems will be overcome with such platforms. In the coming years our supports will continue in this sense. We will try to support the projects that support domestic and national production with more added value.

I would like to express my gratitude to OSTİM for contributing to the development of Ankara ecosystem with their projects. We expect everyone to apply to Ankara Development Agency support projects. Ine

“We are in a great ecosystem“

General Manager of Ostim Technopark Derya Çağlar said that they aim to raise awareness on this issue by developing R & D and innovation ecosystem in high and medium high technology field.

Caglar, Technology Production Workshop with low-cost rapid prototyping has created the possibility of voicing. Le We are in a very important ecosystem, iş said Çağlar, who brought the industry together with the academy and supported the young entrepreneurs, and added that they would increase their cooperation with the clusters. Here are more than 6.200, more than 60.000, and our clusters supported by OSTİM are our biggest supporters. With more than a thousand companies, together with the cluster of Work and Construction Machinery Clustering, OSTIM Defense and Aviation Cluster, Anatolian Rail Transport Systems Cluster, OSTIM Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies Cluster, OSTIM Medical Industry Cluster, Communication Technologies Cluster and Rubber Technologies, we are in. uz (OSTİM)

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