'Owl Expeditions', One of Soyer's First 100 Days Projects, Starts

Soyer's first gun projects start from Baykus
Soyer's first gun projects start from Baykus

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer is one of the first 100 day projects of ilk Owl Expeditions Başkan. With the application of Baykus, which is the first step of the Public Transportation Mobilization started by the Metropolitan Municipality, public transportation is started at the ferry, tram and subway in the night.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is taking the first step within the scope of liği Public Transportation Mobilization İzmir. The sistem Owl Expeditions ol applied to the buses will now be available in the sea and rail system. İzmir people will also benefit from public transportation during the night.

Three days of the week
According to the new timetable prepared by İZDENİZ General Directorate and to be put into effect as of April 26, starting from midnight Karşıyaka- There will be additional flights between Alsancak. Within the scope of Owl Expeditions Karşıyaka The last ferry from the Pier will depart at 03.00:03.30 and from the Alsancak Pier at XNUMX:XNUMX.

Karşıyaka Additional time on the tram on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday nights
Karşıyaka The night voyage period begins in the tram. Three flights on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights will take place in addition to the current plan. The ferry-tram integration will be provided with the flights departing from Alaybey at 00.45, 01.45 and 02.45.

Friday and Saturday night flights at Izmir Metro
With the new arrangement, Izmir Metro was included in the scope of application of the Owl Expeditions. Two additional flights will be organized in Izmir Metro within the framework of the night flights to be held on Friday and Saturday. There will be additional mutual flights between Fahrettin Altay and Evka 00.40 at 01.00 and 3.

Mayor Soyer: “We work for a living Izmir for twenty four hours er
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that public transportation is a right to be accessed by the people of Izmir every hour of the day and said, “We are acting with a city vision that takes XNUMX hours to breathe in order for İzmir to become a world city. It is the primary duty of the local government to provide the people of Izmir with movement around the clock. In addition to buses, we take the first step in this direction by launching “Owl Expeditions” in sea transportation and rail system. We will continue to make life easier in İzmir by making many new arrangements and applications within the scope of the Public Transport Mobilization. ”



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