Flash Development of Disgusting Harassment in Metrobust!

In the event of a harassment in metrobus
In the event of a harassment in metrobus

A woman in the direction of Metrobus Avcılar was uncomfortable with the man standing beside her armchair and put her handbag with the man. However, after a while, when the woman lifted her purse, she found that her zipper was open, the genitals were outside, and her pants were wet.

The woman reacted to the situation, hitting the man away from him. With the support of other passengers in the metrobüstü prevented his escape and F.Ö. learned that has been downloaded from the vehicle. The person who was prevented from escaping was later handed over to the police at the scene. Detained and taken to the police station on the harasser was asked to take a sample of the pants. The abuser who is being held in custody last night is expected to be referred to court today.

The woman was harassed while on the one hand reacted to the harassment and recorded what happened with her cell phone. The woman who reacts to the harassment is told to the passengers who want her to be calm and to the harasser who says ım I didn't do anything, ın I will not be calm. Such assholes will not be able to harass women by enjoying comfortable metrobus. I won't shut up, you will be ashamed. Ben


New developments have emerged in the social media about the day of the harassment, the most talked about issue of the metrobus. A woman who suffered sexual harassment on the Metrobust exposed her harassment. The woman took pictures of the social media on the move to share the police, detained pervert. The perverted detainee was arrested and sent to prison. (SPOKESMAN)



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