Athletes on Tour Of Mersin Left Third Day behind

He left behind the athletes in the third tour of myrtle g
He left behind the athletes in the third tour of myrtle g

Tour Of Mersin 3. The excitement of the day ended in Tarsus and ended in Çamlıyayla.

This year 5 by the Metropolitan Municipality of Mersin. On the third day of Tour Of Mersin, Peter Koning of Bike Aid from Germany won the yellow jersey.

Tarsus Governor Yüksel Ünal, Tarsus Mayor Haluk Bozdoğan, Çamlıyayla District Governor Orçun Cüneyt Zor, Çamlıyayla Mayor İsmail Tepebağlı, Çamlıyayla District Gendarmerie Commander Senior Başçavuş Selçuk Özdemir, muhtars and many citizens attended the award ceremony.

Cycling enthusiasts who came from different countries of the world came to Mersin and left behind the third day in Tour Of Mersin International Cycling Races. In the third stage, passing through the historical streets of Tarsus, reaching the highest peak among the stages of Çamlıyayla athletes one step closer to the final excitement.

On the third day of Tour Of Mersin, the athletes sweat from Tarsus to Çamlıyayla in order to enter the rank, Peter Koning from Germany's Bike Aid team in the 3rd Stage General Classification at the end of the day and Christopher Hatz from Germany's Hermann Rad Team team in the second. it was. Third place was won by Souflane Haddi from Bahrain's VIP Sport team.

In the General Classification, the owner of the yellow jersey was Peter Koning from Germany's Bike Aid team. Mustafa Sayar from Salcano Sakarya BB won the Climb Leadership in the third stage and won the Orange Swimwear. Herrman Rad Team's Florian Obersteiner became the Sprint Leader and the Turquoise Jersey on the third day.

The award was given to the athletes by the protocol members, while the athletes left behind a challenging stage.

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