Batman Authorities Want Raybuss

Batmanlilar from Authorities wants Raybus
Batmanlilar from Authorities wants Raybus

📩 16/04/2019 16:02

Every day the average 10 thousand people travel in Batman-Diyarbakir railroad with the demand for cheap, fast and reliable transportation with a rail car, is attracting attention. This demand is supported in different parts of society.

In Batman-Diyarbakir railway, we launched a campaign in Batman to reduce the number of vehicles and prevent air pollution, save the citizens from the overcharged road transportation and ensure safe travel. Karabük-Zonguldak,

Çatal-Tire, Kars-Akyaka, Malatya-Elazig active between the railroad transportation between the railways, we want to be implemented.

Different segments of the society support our request to transform the Batman-Diyarbakır railway line into a railroad line. The Voice of the People We carried the voice of the public to our pages in our corner.


President of ASKON Selman Nasıroğlu üs We had the demand for the Raybüs long ago. A really necessary project for Batman. With this project, the traffic problem will be solved. Citizens will have the opportunity to travel both cheaply and safely. So we agree with the thoughts on this issue, support the construction of the rebate b


MİSİAD Batman Branch Chairman Namet Sırlan said Başkan This country is all of us. We have to be in every field. As MISIAD, we will be the support voice in every platform such as social, cultural, artistic, sportive, professional, environment, cleaning, education, employment and so on. We especially want to implement the RAIL system out of public transportation vehicles urgently Özellikle


High Civil Engineer Fatih Özmen, The rails are very common in world-wide transportation. already 91 rail bus in Turkey (raybüs) is used. The most important aspect is continuity. It is a lightweight vehicle with lightweight features. The raft system to be built between Diyarbakır and Batman will be an alternative transportation system. Its sensitivity to the environment and being more secure than other types of transportation have made railroad access a necessity in today's technology Çevre


Civil Engineer November East ş Batman is our beautiful city affected by exhaust gas where horn sound is not missing. If the citizen at the head of the steering wheel knew that the horn he was pressing could really hurt the elderly people or a citizen with a panic attack, he would've hit the horn. Or the exhaust gas and the air polluted the air in the morning to remove this gas to the lungs of the unnecessary and short distances if the vehicle had learned that the vehicle was removed. And think of us in our beautiful city where there is no air circulation. Is it not a pity that horrible diseases are derived and that cancer almost begins to spread like a normal disease? So what to do to reduce these problems to minimize what will be asked. We need to use mass vehicles more in order to reduce traffic. Let's just imagine that the working principle of the rails with the electricity of the batmanımızın eyeballs on the Diyarbakir street would be nice. In the morning, a citizen who is going to work or a student holding a school path is free and safely going to work and school. That would be nice, wouldn't it? A little bit of an idea that can alleviate these problems ol


City Planner Melek Atalay said, “I support the implementation of alternative transportation systems that will reduce motor vehicle circulation and contribute to the prevention of air pollution. It is necessary to make the existing railway network between Batman and Diyarbakır more functional. We can do this with the rail system. I think that the rail systems that offer a cheaper and more comfortable journey to the citizens on short distance trips will be the correct system for this city ”


Architect Veysel Özmen said, “I fully support this issue. Because thanks to Raybus, it will make the existing railway network between Batman and Diyarbakir more active. In this way, it will offer citizens the advantage of traveling both cheaply and comfortably. Especially in this region, Raybus will be the lifeblood to solve the traffic problem. The authorities need to develop projects and activate the railroad as soon as possible. ”


Sinan Oruç, Geological Engineer Student u Since Batman is a rapidly developing city, alternative means of transportation should be used. I think it is Raybüs which is most suitable for Batman in these alternative ways. The rails are fast, economical and comfortable. I support the realization of Raybüs in our city, which will reduce vehicle confusion and contribute to the prevention of air pollution. I hope to start working for Batman as soon as possible Um


Those who want to support the campaign by signing for the request to transform the Batman-Diyarbakır railway line into a railbus line can support the Batmansonsöz newspaper office located in Akyürek Mahallesi Petrol İş Caddesi No: 1 (opposite the Municipality Building, adjacent to Geçit Büryan).


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