Towards the End on Pedestrian Boulevard

to the end of yuzaki boulevard
to the end of yuzaki boulevard

The 2018 street and street in 26 has been rehabilitated into livable places.

2018 in the year 26 street and street rehabilitated by making the living spaces of the Metropolitan Municipality, a few months before the start of the arrangements for the work has completed most of the work on.

The 3.3, which connects Tecde to the Maşti junction, works at the 50 kilometer section of the Metropolitan Municipality, which is performing its work on Yuzakı Street, which is a mile long and has a length of 1.1 meters.

Yüzayı Boulevard will be the face of Malatya

The pavements, roads and lighting works were largely completed. 1.5 meter-wide double-sided bicycle paths, afforestation and landscaping work continues. The 10 meter-wide median work that divides the street into two is still in progress. The planned greenhouse will be the largest green median in Malatya.

The obstacle to road works has collapsed in the latest structures

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, ongoing studies on the work done by examining the study made explanations about the work.

President Haci Ugur Polat stated that Yuzaki Boulevard is one of the connecting roads of the South Road road and relieves the western traffic of the ring road. We are making Yuzaki Boulevard, which is one of the biggest and flat streets of Malatya, in stages. We're about to complete the 2018 kilometer of our 26 mile-long street. In the remaining 3.3 kilometer section, we have done the demolition of buildings in the middle of the road in the past months. We are currently doing infrastructure work in that department. When all of the works are completed, the traffic in the city of Malatya will be more relaxed. It will be the face of Malatya Boulevard. I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed. E



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