Van Lake Iskele Beach Will Be Reopened To The Public!


It was stated that the pier promenade area, which was closed to the pedestrians because of the works carried out for the train station on the shore of Lake Van, will be opened to the public again after the expansion of the logistics area and an additional recreation area will be created.

In order to expand the site of the garage by TCDD, on the shores of Lake Van, the start of work in the Iskele region, which is the resting area of ​​the citizens, and the closure of the area in question was met. Many people criticized the situation, especially through social media, as the area was closed to pedestrian crossings and there was no prior information about the subject.

Van public opinion on the reaction of the AK Party Chairman of Van Van Kayhan Türkmenoğlu Vangölü Activists Association President Erdoğan Özel, TCDD engineers and other officials met with.

Erdoğan Özel, the President of the Vangölü Activists Association, who spoke to the newspaper about the talks, shared the following information: ilgili We went with the AK Party provincial chairman Kayhan Türkmenoğlu. We talked to the engineers, met with the authorities. We saw his projects. They told us in detail what they were going to do. There is such a situation; it belongs to the municipality, not the land railways. They've already made two ferries on this one. The 200 wagon is a fully equipped place. It was better if there was a North Van Lake Railway station, we wanted it, but they preferred it. This investment is an investment of millions of 470. Investment is a big business. Now they're expanding there, they're going into the sea. As the ships are big, the down side is not enough. They made one side, and the other side was washing for him. Yap

Railroad officials should inform the public before working, but they did not do it Private, esi There is a lack of information about the public. It would be nice if they did. For years, Van is a memory of a place, if we explain this to us, the public can be opened to use, a common area would be more, would be more beautiful, ası he said.

The area is closed to use by the citizen due to the studies, but after the end of the work will be used as a resting area indicating that the Special, said: çalış Currently in the case of construction, so the entrance was closed. As it is said, there is no such situation to be completely closed. After the end of the work they will open to the public. They can also create a common area with the municipality. In fact, there are a number of reactions to the right here, but in one place, their place and a great investment. It is an investment for the benefit of Van. 470 is talking about a million investment. Dan (Prestige - Adil HARMANCI)

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