Application from Transport Officer-Sen to EU Education Grant Scheme

Transportation Officer from you
Transportation Officer from you

One of the projects mentioned by the Transportation Officer-Sen Headquarters in the selection process was put into practice. For the first time in the history of Transport Officer-Sen, an application was made for the EU education grant project. by Trade Unions, Occupational Health and Safety of Railway Employees in Turkey, signaling, electrification and awareness in railway maintenance business lines and planned a series of educational projects helping to improve the quality, made reference to the EU grant program.

The project aims to develop and implement comprehensive strategies for improving occupational health and safety and working conditions for civil servants working in Railways, and to increase occupational health and safety conditions and capacities of civil servants working in signaling, road maintenance and electrification systems.

In the case of acceptance of the project, a grant of 150 Thousand Euros will be used to increase the education and professional knowledge and experience of union members at home and abroad.

Transportation Officer-Sen hardworking Kenan President, in recent months there and all of our people which dismayed speed train crash to be referring "This project will not only raise the standards of our members railway employees, but also in Turkey Alarms that cause fatal accidents and Electrification conditions of use in he will improve. ”

Caliskan, in the next process in the field of trade union services and other jobs in the field for similar project applications will be added, he added.

Transportation Officer from you
Transportation Officer from you


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