TransportationPark Security Kites Bird at Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal

ulasimpark security at the terminal bus terminal
ulasimpark security at the terminal bus terminal

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of the affiliates of TransportationPark A.Ş., does not fly birds at the Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal. TransportationPark, which gives importance to the safety of passengers, can catch all kinds of drills and firearms with its high level x-ray devices at all entrance gates. These x-ray devices that detect birds and do not fly birds are caught up with guns and guns and even guns. Transportation teams, which are in constant contact with the security forces, have captured 58 pieces of cutter with 650 guns during the last year.

Having operated the bus station since May 2017, Transportation Park has increased the security level to the highest level by completely renewing the x-ray devices at the door entrances with the high-end technology. Since then, approximately 3 million passengers entered the bus terminal at the bus station during the year to ensure the safe travel of the passengers, while keeping the trades. The safety of passing hundreds of cutting and penetrating tools over the last year, most of the passengers from the top of the blade, butterfly-type knives, fighter knives and hitters are coming out. 58 guns have been captured indicating that the TransportationPark'ın managers, 5 security checkpoint and 75 camera visitors and passengers coming to the terminal every step of the steps were followed, he said.

TransportationPark's security guards managed to catch up with illegal persons, especially with their identity checks at the entrance gates. With the help of moving cameras, the security inspections, which carry out a detailed examination until the finest detail, makes the passengers and shopkeepers in the terminal peaceful. 1 million passengers in the 3 yearly departures at the Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal. In this context, considering the number of arriving and departing passengers, TransportationPark also provides the highest level of security for the citizens who will travel.

TransportationPark, 15 Since May 2017 has taken over its operations at the Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal, it has managed to create many innovations with its guest-oriented service approach. TransportationPark, which has managed to maximize the security level of the bus station, 7 / 24 works to ensure that the citizens travel safer. In addition, security guards at the entry points of the terminal are helping passengers with disabilities to accompany the bus to the point of entry. The security team works in coordination with the 112 Emergency Service and calls for an ambulance for the passenger who is disturbed and escorted by the passenger until the ambulance arrives.

ulasimpark security at the terminal bus terminal
ulasimpark security at the terminal bus terminal

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