Two People Stealing Train Tracks in Malatya Caught Red

two men in the train rails
two men in the train rails

Malatya's Hekimhan district tried to steal the train rails Gendarmerie teams caught up in the act.

According to information received Girma Mahallesi canyons of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) of train rails Hekimhan area reported to be stolen District Gendarmerie Command teams in operations done in two parties of the railway cutting caught red-handed with the oxygen supply of the replacement rail iron on the edge.

Two people were detained by Hekimhan District Gendarmerie Headquarters and the vehicles used by the suspects during the incident and the cut rail tracks were kept under protection.

Criminal caught persons were released on the condition that they were shipped by Hekimhan Chief Public Prosecutor's Office on the condition of judicial control.

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