Turkey's First Electric Bus Indigenous Avenue EV

FAST FERRY first electric native house of avenue turkiyenin
FAST FERRY first electric native house of avenue turkiyenin

Temsa and Aselsan produced in cooperation with one of the 100% of Turkey's first domestic EV electric buses Avenue, passengers with clean, quiet, vibration-free, smoke-free and offers a combination of safe transportation.

The electric motor and motor drive unit with high power, torque and efficiency values ​​are integrated and developed in accordance with the challenging environment and road conditions. On the slopes as well as on flat roads, it has superior performance.

The 8-10 offers fast charging capability that can reach full charge in minutes, providing uninterrupted service continuity and unlimited range at short stops. The bus can go only one km 50-70 km. The 450 kW high-speed charging starts automatically when the bus reaches the station with an automatic charging connection integrated into the stops.

With the electric traction system, Avenue EV protects the environment with zero carbon emissions and provides a clean and quiet environment both inside and outside the vehicle by working quietly thanks to the lack of internal combustion engine and high power electric motor which does not require transmission.



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