BozankayaTrambuses Produced by Şanlıurfa on Şanlıurfa Roads in May

bozankayaThe trambus produced by Ş. is on the sanliurfa roads in May.
bozankayaThe trambus produced by Ş. is on the sanliurfa roads in May.

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Ciftci said that in the last Assembly Meeting he attended during his tenure, Trambus project could not be completed by the company on time due to the increase in the exchange rates but the vehicles would be delivered in May.

Noting that the project and infrastructure works are completed, Çiftçi said, Çift Trambus Project and infrastructure works have been completed. Due to the economic situation of our country at the point of production of Trambus, the contractor firm was delayed especially in the period when the exchange rate was high. Meetings with the Ministry were made and regulations and new regulations were issued. In the case of many technological and importing cases, the Ministry has the power to request termination or additional period.

our company Bozankaya A.Ş. is. It is a company that is domestic but imports many parts from abroad. He stated that he would not cancel the contract as a result of the necessary negotiations and correspondence, and that he would use the extension of time, so he would deliver the Trambus in May. That is the truth of the matter, there are many speculations and perceptions about it. ”

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