President Erdoğan Speaks About the Island Train

the president spoke about the erdogan island train
the president spoke about the erdogan island train

President and AK Party President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reminded that they had made 17 quadrillion investments in Sakarya in 24 years. I was not willing to leave Sakarya more separate from this opportunity. After that, there will be 5 departures and 5 arrivals every day between AdapazarıPendik and good luck. ”

President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the public in the Democracy Square of Adapazarı district. Erdogan said they made 17 quadrillion investments in Sakarya in 24 years. Erdogan said, “We have always spoken and agreed with our nation. Hopefully, he will claim the city and country of Sakarya in the March 31 elections. We introduced Sakarya to historical services. We made 17 quadrillion investments in Sakarya in 24 years. In education, we opened 3 thousand 136 new classrooms. We opened dormitories with a capacity of 9 thousand 554. We are opening a dormitory for 2 people in Pamukova within 250 years. We built a 28 thousand-person stadium and sports halls. We are starting the National Garden, which we will build in the area of ​​the old stadium, soon. In 2020, we will hold the International Mountain Bike Marathon Championship in Sakarya. We also offer service to all our citizens with the Sunflower Bicycle Valley. In health, we have brought 335 health facilities, including 17 hospitals with 47 beds in Sakarya, to our city. The construction of our 6 health facilities is ongoing. We are continuing our work for the 1000-bed City Hospital, which is in the tender process. We put the court of appeal into action in Sakarya. We increased the divided road from 133 kilometers to 440 kilometers. We will also open the 45-kilometer section of the North Marmara Motorway. We are completing the Kurtköy Akyazı next year. 67 kilometers pass through the city limits of Sakarya. We are finishing Topça Köprülü Intersection this year. Ankara-Istanbul high speed train line is the project of Sakarya. In addition to bringing the high-speed train, it was our duty to establish a high-speed train factory in Sakarya. ”

President Erdoğan said, arya We completed the Karasu port which is an important project for the Sakarya industry and opened it to service. ADA Train 5 going 5 will make the arrival between Adapazarı Pendik. Ballıkaya Dam is in service soon. 38 thousand decares of land opened to irrigation. 44 thousand decares of land will be opened for irrigation. We gave agricultural support to Sakarya farmers 1,4 billion pounds. I personally laid the foundation for the BMC Sakarya defense industry base. Turkey will be the pride of all resources will be a huge investment took place in Sakarya. We had to modernize the factory and use it more effectively. We only had to invest $ 1 million in 50 to handle public resources. We took a different step here. We need to make quick work. For this reason, we transferred the operation of the mother factory in Arifiye to the 25 yearbook for BMC. We supplied natural gas to the 15 district of Sakarya. These are some of the investments we have made in our city. God willing, Sakarya will meet with many more services in the coming period. İn



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