Sea Surface Cleaning Teams Accompanied by Dolphins

the dolphins accompanied the sea surface cleaning crews
the dolphins accompanied the sea surface cleaning crews

Dolphins accompanied the sea surface cleaning teams of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality this morning. Dolphins accompanying teams from Yenikapı to the Bosphorus off the Sarayburnu region created colorful images.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is working 7/24 to leave the seas clean for future generations with the works it performs as well as effective inspections. Dolphins accompanied the Sea Surface Cleaning teams of IMM, who served in this context, accompanied this morning. In the early hours of the morning, dolphins also joined the teams going by boat from Yenikapı to the Bosphorus cleaning in Sarayburnu. The cute dolphins created colorful images accompanying the boat in the blue waters of the sea.

On the other hand, the cleaning and inspection of the Golden Horn, Marmara and the Bosphorus in Istanbul is carried out by staff close to 500 of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Sea surface cleaning, coastal cleaning, beach cleaning, cleaning of the estuary and the rivers are at the top of the list, while sea control is carried out for uninterrupted inspections. 10 Sea Surface Cleaning Boat (DYT) is designed especially for sea surface cleaning and 365 day of the year. As a result of these studies, 5 2018 cubic meters of 4 solid waste was cleaned from the sea surface. The 613 mobile team consisting of 186 people carried out 31 km shore cleaning throughout Istanbul, while the 515 2018 was cleaned from the coast in 19.

256 personnel and 11 special purpose beach cleaning tools are used by IMM for cleaning 5 beach throughout Istanbul during 96 months between May and September. 20 thousand cubic meters of waste per year to clean the beach cleaning teams 2018 15 432 garbage collecting garbage disposal facilities were learned. In the underwater cleaning works, the interesting waste produced by the divers from the bottom of the sea is displayed on the ferry ports and in some squares in order to attract the attention of the citizens to sea cleaning and to create awareness.

The activities of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, away from the muddy and stinky days of the Golden Horn, which hosts many kinds of fish and cleaning activities in the creeks continue using the latest technological tools. In 2018 the amount of mud and teressubat extracted from the estuary and creek mouths was 79 thousand 766 cubic meters.

In addition to the cleaning works carried out by the Environmental Protection and Control Department, 7/24 inspection activities are carried out to prevent the pollution of the seas, especially by the ships. In this context, it continues its day and night inspection and control activities with 2 sea planes, 3 control boats, 4 unmanned aircraft and 50 personnel for the protection of the Bosphorus, Marmara and Golden Horn in Istanbul. In addition, with 81 cameras placed on the coasts and high places, the teams are monitored immediately from the monitoring center, and the teams are immediately intervened against the impurities detected. As a result of the inspections, it was stated that in 2018 81 administrative ships were determined to have polluted the sea.

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