Special pedestrian roads are designed for awareness-raising

special pedestrian roads are planned
special pedestrian roads are planned

2019 was declared a 'Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year' by the Ministry of Interior. While traffic fines for those who do not prioritize pedestrians are increased by 100 percent, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality designed special pedestrian roads to raise awareness of pedestrians against pedestrians in traffic.

Following the regulation implemented by the Ministry of Interior, with the slogan yol Priority of Life, Emitting Priority ği, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Transportation Directorate Traffic Branch Directorate renewed pedestrian paths in order to create awareness of pedestrian priority in traffic and spread the use of pedestrian crossings.

Department of Transportation Directorate of Traffic Branch teams in the town of 12 all pedestrian paths starting from the front of the county. Pedestrian roads were painted with the works done in front of the school. The pedestrian paths were written in the direction of the extra vehicles and the human figures ür first pedestrian Y were written. The work done in front of the school in the district of 12 will then be carried out at hospitals and intersections throughout the province.

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