Sertrans Logistics CEO Keleş Describes Woman in Logistics Sector

sertrans logistics ceosu keles told women in logistics sector
sertrans logistics ceosu keles told women in logistics sector

Nilgün Keleş, CEO of Sertrans Logistics, who met with students from Bahçeşehir University and Yeditepe University, shared the privileges and challenges of being a woman at work.

Participating in two different career events organized by Bahçeşehir University and Yeditepe University student clubs, Sertrans Logistics CEO Nilgün Keleş explained the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman in her work life and advised young people who were at the first step of their careers.

Logistics Sertrans the difficulties faced during the establishment of the logistics industry and the leading brands of Turkey shared with students how the head meat with them. He said, “From the beginning of the 20 century onwards, we see that women have begun to take up more places in the employment and labor market than ever before. Especially the global transformations that took place in the last 30 year brought along the ways in which women used their labor, the jobs they worked, and the diversification of their business and business lines. However, I can say that this is the sector logistics that receives the lowest share. When we look at the gender-based work in the logistics sector in Turkey, we see that the debate on this issue has just begun. Being one of the people who initiated these discussions makes me happy and see the increase in the number of women entering the sector, hopes for the future. Bu

Only the percentage of women who rule the world is 16

Keles shared Nilgun situation failed to rise to the position that they deserve throughout the world, women are not unique to Turkey carried out on a global scale in his speech stressed and working with students in the USA. According to the survey, only the 1000 of women working in the largest 16,9 company are women, while the percentage of women in the board is only 6,2.

Nilgün Keleş, who continued her speech with his experiences at Sertrans Logistics, said deki As a woman manager in the sector, I have the responsibility of being a role model for women employees in my own company. I have positive discrimination in my company since women. As Sertrans Logistics, we are a company that supports women's participation in economic life and contributes to business life, eliminates gender discrimination in business life and provides career opportunities for women with equality principle. Our female employees are given some facilities considering their roles and responsibilities in their private lives. I would also like to point out that we aim to be a 'Women Friendly' company by providing% 50 -% 50 equality at male and female employee ratio. This is not only for the success of our company; we are doing because we see it as a way to increase the welfare of our country's development,, he said.

Events after making a brief description Nilgun Keles, Turkey "I am extremely happy to come together with the outstanding students of two prestigious universities. These important events that I have met with students increase my belief in the future. I attach great importance to participating in such events from universities as much as I can and conveying my experiences to future generations. I hope the number of such events increases every day. Dil



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