Death Road In Salihli


Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün visited Salihli within the scope of district programs and was sent to Salihli by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. kazanHe opened the first phase of the Bülent Ecevit Köprülü Interchange Project, which was built in the area where the road called 'death road' is located.

to Salihli by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. kazanManisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün visited Salihli to realize the opening of the first phase of the Bülent Ecevit Köprülü Interchange Project, which was built instead of the junction called the death junction. At the entrance of Salihli, Mayor Ergün was greeted with enthusiasm by the large crowd including Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda, MHP Provincial President Ömer Baysal, MHP and AK Party organizations and neighborhood headmen. President Ergün and his entourage went to the collective opening ceremony to be held in Salihli Democracy Square after the welcome. The ceremony, which will be held in Salihli Democracy Square, will be attended by AK Party Manisa Deputies İsmail Bilen and Tamer Akkal, Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary Generals Yılmaz Gençoğlu and Mustafa Genç, Inspection Board Chairman Ahmet Türkgüler, MHP Provincial President Ömer Baysal, and the participation of the parties. Heads of women's branches, district heads, department heads and directors of MANULAS and MASKI General Directorate attended.

”We live first with Cengiz Chairman“
Salihli Democracy Square at the opening ceremony after the moment of silence and the national anthem, the first speech after speaking the Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda, ı 30 March, when we took over the task we gave our citizens. We said that Manisa changed, Salihli would change together. Today we have the honor of fulfilling all of these words. Cengiz Chairman and Salihli'da we achieved the first. We've buried the stop-late bridges in history. We made Atatürk Sports Hall. We said roads, prestige streets, we did it all. We've cleared the rainwater problem. We said the parking lot in the marketplace. Our missing bridge is the way of death, we lost many of our citizens here. We are proud to open the new Bulent Ecevit Bridge Junction on the death road. Ölüm

Thanks for the services
In his speech, AK Party Manisa Deputy Tamer Akkal said, yap I would like to thank and congratulate both of our presidents for their services. Bülent Ecevit was named after the bridge which will be opened. Just a few weeks ago, the intersection was opened with the name of Süleyman Demirel. In Turgutlu and Manisa, I would like to thank all the presidents and members of the council for the name of Başbuğ Alparslan Türkeş isa.

Li Thank you for satisfying Salihli's needs “
AK Party Manisa Deputy İsmail Bilen said in his speech: “I congratulate them and they do very good services. Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of budget and the service he did then told the mayor that the budget, he said. When we say with the state budget, he gave Ankara no such need or demand for the city. I would like to congratulate you on such a need for Salihli. Ih

Yerine An important day of the promise given önemli
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün stated that it was an important day in which his promise to Salihli was fulfilled and that he was excited and happy to realize a giant project. President Ergün said, “Both Zeki Kayda President and myself have provided the best services to our beautiful Salihli. kazanWe worked hard to get it. Today, to our Salihli kazanWe are opening the first phase of our intersection project. I thank God for showing us today. It was called the way of death. So many mortals who sadden us all kazanWe have developed a junction project for this road on the İzmir-Ankara highway, where the We have reached this stage in this important project, which we made the tender on September 27, 2017 and started to work towards the end of 2017. With the intersection project we developed on this road that divides our Salihli in the middle, we not only increased the safety of life and property of those using this road, but also enabled them to save time and fuel. To our Salihli with an investment of 63 million liras kazanWhen we complete this important investment that we have made, we will give a sigh of relief to the traffic of our district. With the decision we took in our Metropolitan Municipality Council, we named this important project after our former Prime Minister, the late Bülent Ecevit. On this occasion, I commemorate our former Prime Minister with respect and mercy, and I would like to thank all our members of parliament for their votes of acceptance that Bülent Ecevit's name will be kept alive here.”

”We ended the floods and floods in Salihli“
President Ergün, while talking about investments, merkez One of our most important investments in all of our fellow citizens living in Salihli is undoubtedly our rainwater line works in the district center. 25 million pounds, such as an investment in the center of the town of Salihli 29 kilometer stormhole line work was completed in the percentage of 85. As you know, our city has received heavy rainfall in January. Although the percentage of 85 has been completed yet, we did not experience any inconvenience and similar events in Salihli. This shows how important the investment is. Fevzi Pasha, Şüheda, Atatürk, Menderes, Gökçepınar, Military, Garage, Atilla and Fatih Street and Keli District District Bazaar Area and Surroundings, Kirveli Neighborhood Industrial and Carpenters Site work has been completed. Site, Municipality, Park and Kurudere Street will begin our work. With this important work, we will end this nightmare of our Salihli who came to the agenda with floods and floods in heavy rain. I would like to share with you our work planned by MASKI. Within the scope of our 154 Neighborhood Project, the infrastructure projects of our neighborhoods were prepared. In this context, permits, easement and expropriation works are in progress and we are waiting for the allocation of resources for tender works. In addition to these neighborhoods, we are planning to renovate the Drinking Water and Sewer Lines at Durasıllı, Yılmaz, Gökeyüp, Mersinli, Taytan, Poyrazdamları and Sart. In particular, as Sart is a historical settlement, we are working together with the Board of Monuments. On the other hand, the tender dossier of the Yağbasan District Drinking Water Treatment Plant is also in preparation.

MASKİ Investments Changed
Noting that he talked about the investments of MASKİ in his speech, Mayor Ergün also gave information about the investments of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. President Ergün said, “The amount of investment made by MASKİ so far for our Salihli people to have a healthy infrastructure, to have healthy drinking water and to get rid of floods has exceeded 65 million liras. These good services we do to leave a clean Salihli for our children are an indication that we are not working for the next elections, but for the next generations. We put an end to the half-century-old problem of Alaşehir and Gediz bridges, which we call stop-and-go bridges, in a short period of 2 days by investing 90 million liras. With the cooperation of our Salihli Municipality, we have brought a beautiful sports hall with an olympic indoor swimming pool to our district, with an investment of 11 million lira, so that our children and youth can do sports. kazanwe nagged. We named this beautiful facility after the founder of our republic, our eternal commander-in-chief, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In order to contribute to the pre-school education of our children and to enable them to grow up as useful generations, we have brought the Children's Culture and Art Center to our district in Gümüşçayı with an investment of 177 thousand liras. kazanwe nagged. As of now, 13 children are receiving education from the center, which offers training in 264 different branches. We have implemented our MABEM courses in 17 districts in order to enable our young people to attend the high schools and universities they want and to provide equal opportunities in education. 98,25 of our children receive training in Salihli, one of our MABEM courses, which has increased its success to 8 percent and 764 young people benefit from it throughout the province. I promised a Food Bank for our brothers in need. 966 brothers in real need benefit from the Food Bank, which was also implemented in Salihli. We have built fire departments and points throughout our province with the idea of ​​responding as quickly as possible to events such as fires, accidents and emergencies that we never want to happen. With an investment of 693 thousand liras in Salihli, we have deployed fire stations in Adala, Duraşlı, Poyrazdamları and Sağlık Neighborhoods. We built a 480 square meter wedding hall on the edge of Yılmaz Mahallesi and Gümüşçayı with an investment of 862 thousand liras. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Salihli District Coordination Center and MABEM Building for 750 and a half million liras to our beautiful Salihli. kazanwe nagged. By investing more than 9 million liras, Gümüşçayı landscaping and Fairy Tale Forest Park were brought to our district. kazanwe nagged. This beautiful project suited our Salihli very well in terms of playgrounds for our children and for families to have a good time. Goodbye, Salihli. We wanted our beautiful Salihli to be lively and lively at all hours of the day, and we implemented the prestige street arrangement in our Salihli as well. We have made our Avar and Şüheda Streets brand new modern with roads, pavements, pavements and lighting for a cost of approximately 12 million liras. With the arrangement, our streets will look stylish. kazanwas. With an investment of approximately 37 million liras, we have completed our Underground Car Park, Pazaryeri and Bedesten Bazaar project and offered it to our citizens.”

”We ended the garbage problem in Salihli“
Underlining that the applications throughout the province in public transportation are also implemented in Salihli, Mayor Ergün said, “We are among the top three Metropolitan Municipalities that made the Transportation Master Plans the earliest. With these studies, we gathered the transportation networks of our province at one point. Subsequently, we implemented modern transportation vehicles with air conditioning, card system and camera throughout our province, suitable for disabled access. We transformed the public transportation vehicles in Salihli with modern vehicles for a cost of 623 thousand liras. We said that modern transportation would be on modern roads. During the 5 years of service we left behind, we renewed the roads with an investment of 18 million liras and 322 kilometers of hot asphalt and surface coating work. We are not satisfied with that. We laid 4 thousand square meters of key paving stone with an investment of 105 million 204 thousand liras, saying that our citizens would get rid of the trouble of dusty soil in summer and mud in winter. We put an end to the garbage problem of all our districts, including Salihli, with the modern Solid Waste Disposal and Landfill Facility, which we have implemented with an investment of 110 million liras in our Yunusemre district in the center of Manisa. Of course, if we tried to count them one by one, we would have to spend a few days here. There is little we can do for our compatriots living in Salihli and Salihli, which have a special place in my heart. Our support to our producers in the countryside, our cemetery services, our social assistance, our services for our disabled brothers, our environmental investments, our urban aesthetics are also our services in Salihli. All these projects and services that I have mentioned are also provided by our Metropolitan Municipality to our district. kazanit was his work. Do you know how much is their monetary value? 191 million liras to be exact. When we include our MASKİ General Directorate, this figure reaches 256 million. Good luck, good luck," he said.

Yerine Whatever we promised our district, we fulfilled them “
President Ergün, who pointed out that the services made at the time when the investments of Salihli Municipality were added to the investments made, continued his speech as follows: dü Thankfully both myself and Zeki Başkanım we can come up against you with his forehead and head perpendicularly. Whatever we promised our county, we did all of them. At the end of March, when the calendars show the 31 March, our country will go to the polls to determine its local managers. In Manisa, under the auspices of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the President of the Nationalist Movement Party Devlet Bahçali, under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic, I was re-nominated as the chairman of Zeki Kayda in the Metropolitan Municipality of Salihli. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. President and the General President for their trust in us. If you consider us to this office again, there is no doubt that we will do the task again with the first day's love and excitement of the first day. Here's what we do. You are the ones who will give the appreciation of the works, projects and services we have put forth so far. With the understanding that service will not always have politics, we continued our work without making the distinction that did not give us the vote. What we have done so far is the guarantee of what we will do next. We are demanding your favor. 17 in the county of the Republican Alliance for the success of the activities we do, we want to support. Because we are in Manisa, we love our Salihli. We are here to serve you with a productive municipality approach. We are not political unity of the day, the populist work that saves the day; We tried to do the works that Manisa and Manisa really needed. Not complaining, producing solutions; We acted with an understanding of management that does not act. So far we have not left this line, we will not leave after this. However, the problems of the 17 district of our Manisa, the process of the construction process of the 1,5 year, the 3,5 year after the rest, such as XNUMX years, such as a time can not do. We're not magicians. These are all plans, programs and budget work. We will continue to embrace all our citizens as it was yesterday. We say that our citizens will be pleased with a word of God and we will increase our enthusiasm and increase our enthusiasm. In the new period we will show your favor, if you give us the chance to serve 5 year again, we will continue to produce the projects that our city really needs with the same principle. At the end of my words, I hope that the local elections to be held in 31 March will bring good to our Salihli, Manisa, our country and our nation. Once again I would like to thank all of you for your participation, I hope to be together with the 5 year to say that God Almighty. I wish Bülent Ecevit Junction, which will be opened soon, will be beneficial to our Salihli and Manisa. I would like to thank to the President and the employees of the Department of Surveying and Projects, the President and employees of the Department of Road Construction and Repair, the President and employees of the Department of Road Construction and Repair, the General Manager and employees of Maski, the valuable managers of the contractor firm, and the workers brothers. , God bless you. It is my prayer from my Lord that it can be used without any accident and good times.

Opening of the intersection
President Ergun and his entourage made the opening of the intersection after the speeches. The sacrifice was cut before the ribbon was cut and the intersection was occasioned. After the sacrifice, President Ergün, Zeki Kayda and his entourage carried out investigations at the crossroads. President Ergün, President Kayda with the classic car 64 Chevrolet Impala at the new intersection of the first round also threw. Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, responded to the greeting by greeting the citizens who saluted him / herself throughout the tour.

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