Railway Explaining for Trabzon from German Professor

railway train for german profesorden trabzon
railway train for german profesorden trabzon

Railways and Transport Planner at the University of Aachen, Germany. Dr. Prof. Dr. Haldor Jochim, Professor of Transportation, Karadeniz Technical University, Construction Department. Dr. Important statements from Muhammet Vefa Akpınar.

Railways and Transport Planner at Germany Aachen University, which specializes in transportation and rail. Dr. Prof. Dr. Haldor Jochim, Professor of Transportation, Karadeniz Technical University, Construction Department. Dr. Muhammet Vefa Akpınar Haber61 was the guest of TV.

Akpınar said, beri We have a project drawn up in the Ottoman period, especially since the time of Abdulhamit. If you look at the Samsun Büyükkükşehir Municipality, they did a very good work. They set up a logistics base in Tekkeköy and have a very big return. Logistics base will be even more widespread in Turkey. Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, this region was established only in Samsun. These logistics bases were taken into account by the logistic companies, considering the factors such as rail, air, road and sea routes. The most important factor is highway and railway. The arrival of the railway will make import and export more active. Logistics companies will be employed in the future and will provide a thousand to 10 thousand of logistics bases to be employed. Incoming products will be cheaper. Railroads will not only arrive in goods but also cheap transportation. In Trabzon, the railway has been on the agenda for a long time. Not yet. There are problems with coming. Geographical conditions are important. The most important reason for this is the geographical conditions. Of course, there must be demand. State Railways have studies on this issue but the biggest reason is the budget. Mal

Professor Dr. Haldor Jochim said, “There are two questions to bring the railway. How much will that cost? How many people will use it. Trabzon is the biggest shortage of high mountains. It is a very serious obstacle. Çok

How much does a budget need? How much will it earn?

Professor Dr. Muhammet Vefa Akpınar stated that the benefits of the railway are more important than the budget they require and said un We are talking about two different railways. Cargo transportation and light rail system. These are the transition times, the demand of people is important. If the rail system is constantly running and running late, demand decreases. The important thing is the demand. If the rail system is not demanded, it will be damaged. In the long run, the benefits are difficult because of its benefits to the environment and its benefits to the economy. Why not use the light rail system if it is going to be damaged in the short term and go late to the destination. The second one was Bayburt, Gumushane, Erzincan, and I think that my alternative thinking would be more useful if a project like this was done in Georgia from Georgia to Kars. Gümüş

When looking at the Black Sea light rail and passenger transportation is profitable or damage?

Professor Dr. Haldor Jochim Trabzon or Erzurum, considering the cost would be too much and I think it will not bring much profit, erek To compare with other countries, the railway line between Germany or Switzerland, as well as the traffic line significantly reduced people used this line. Hence there is benefit in terms of cost but it might be there in Trabzon but is it worth it? Will there be so much demand? I need to look at these, but I don't look positive. Bunlar

Turkey has made continuous paths. Do you make the railroad with the cost to the highway? Continue construction of the highway?

Professor Dr. Muhammet Vefa Akpınar stated that it is a matter of preference for building roads and railways. P This is a matter of preference. I need to study. People who will use this route, how to use this route should look at it. A large part of the budget is spent on transportation of Turkey. Road maintenance works. Due to the slope you can not make the rail on the same route. It can be done only if it is flat. Our railway in a mountainous region like us requires more tunnels than the viaduct. It cannot take sharp bends and consequently requires more investment. Kes

Professor Dr. Haldor Jochim said that I don't know how much it will cost from the mountains to Trabzon, bak I can't make a precise statement but when we look at the sketchy, the railroad has more benefits than the 3 floor. If a lot of goods go and go, if a lot of people are going to travel in this sense, the railway is definitely useful. It is very useful when looking at the environment. Preference is important. Feasibility studies should be done and the preference should be determined.

How the city traffic problem can be solved. A ropeway or a light rail?

Professor Dr. Haldor Jochim A matter of choice. If you are heading east to the east and people prefer it, this should be a light rail system. Lı People need to ask whether the cable car is a light rail or not. Light rail system can not go to Boztepe. Alternatively, minibuses, buses and cable cars. But if people don't prefer the ropeway, you don't. That should be the easiest place you can reach. Ulaş

People are losing a lot of time in traffic. What would be the most appropriate means of transport?

Professor Dr. Muhammet Vefa Akpinar plan 3 has been working on transportation plan for years. We do a household survey. Where are you going. Which means of transport do you use? He did the survey. When people in Boztepe come out of the house, how many minutes they want to go. How many vehicles are going through how many points. These are important to us. When the light rail arrives, I will see how much of the traffic load will be.

The plan is correct, but the distance between stations is important. After all, first choice should be our preference. Today's a lot of time. Which is why I'd rather take it for me in less time.

If you create squares in the South of Trabzon Square and connect it in a way like a legal boulevard, I think the traffic will be relieved. Lar

When compared with Germany and Trabzon, Trabzon offers a solution for traffic-related solutions.

Professor Dr. Haldor Jochim said that it was difficult to compare Trabzon with a city in Germany. The mountains behind you are in front of the sea hence do not compare it. But if you want to solve the problem in Trabzon, public transport by weight. This can be the most preferable light rail system. " said.

Professor Dr. Muhammet Vefa Akpınar said, Ve It is not only for freight transport. Both underground and above-ground passenger transportation must be. It's just not material meaningful. It will reduce the traffic load and reduce the traffic accidents. “Used the expressions.

Georgian Railway seems more logical in terms of geography and what do you think about it?

Professor Dr. . Georgia can be an alternative, ın says Haldor Jochim. But should you look at Erzincan come here, go to Georgia from Georgia route to go. What we're going to look at, what's going on here. The railroad is viewed here if there are potentials for people to think that they will not go too far. Long-term and current demands should be considered. Feasibility studies should be done. F Jochim a Always consider the rail system for Trabzon. I recommend. Tavsiye (haberxnumx)



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