Public Transport Service to Dağarası Quarter

public transport service to dagarasi neighborhood
public transport service to dagarasi neighborhood

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, Ergani District Governor and the demand of the residents of the district, on the way to the Ergani group and so far the public transport service was not provided a public transportation route Dağarası neighborhood.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide public transportation services to neighborhoods where no public transportation service is provided in rural areas. Metropolitan Municipality, Ergani District Governors and the citizens of the district upon the demand of the residents, hospitals, education, health and commercial needs of the district centers to provide transportation to the purpose of the Ergani and Dağarası neighborhood covering the public transportation route. ED1 code service on a route with a vehicle started as of today.

15, which will serve between Ergani district and Dağarası neighborhood, will provide a transportation route of about 2 thousand people.

Route of the route: Ergani - Yol Bulan Mahallesi - Pınar Kaya Mahallesi - Dağ Arası Mahallesi

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